Saturday, December 27, 2008

"This is not going away."

Change we can believe in – unless you’re gay.

And furthermore ... Was anyone else waiting for Pastor Cliche McVictim to say that "some of his best friends are gay"?


sooey said...

I'm sure they've had their cocks up his ass, too, but he's still a bigot.

philosoraptor said...

Does Warren remind anyone else of L. Ron?

If anyone has not watched The Young Turks before, Cenk had an interesting take on the Warren issue: Did Obama Do the Right Thing? Note, for people who've never seen the Young Turks...there is absolutely no love lost for Warren on their end - and do check out their other videos if you have the time.

Rev.Paperboy said...

yeah, I'm sure "some of his best friends are gay" (like Rev. Haggard) but i bet he wouldn't let his brother marry one.

Thjalfi Returns said...

Hello, I'm going to be off topic here by saying this is my first comment.
Long time lurker and reader.
Everyone else knows how to spell better than I.
I'm going to write and merely see if there are some responses.

CC said...

Dear Pastor Warren:

You should stop lying. We have the videotape.

Sincerely yours,