Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Journamalism, as it is praktissed.

Blogging Tory "the silent platform" has an absolute woody for right-wing milblogger Michael Yon:

I have been reading Michael Yon's reports from Afghanistan and Iraq for quite a while now. I'll spare you his entire biography, suffice to say he is independent, well worth checking out, and a trillion times more honest and useful than anyone in the mainstream media.

He recently returned from the Middle East and did a quick interview with Kathryn Jean Lopez at National Review, here it is: ...

Yon ... Yon ... oh, right ... that Michael Yon. Apparently, these are whole new definitions for the words "honest" and "useful" with which I am unfamiliar.

A Blogging Tory, Michael Yon and NRO's K-Lo. God Almighty, but that is one impressive trifecta of duh.


Unknown said...

When I donated money to Mr. Yon, he sent me a nice post card.

Filcher said...

General Disconnect.

The Iraq war is over because the US was asked to leave by the Iraqi's, It was not in any form of the word, 'won' by the US as the reasons for being there were non existent to sane people, thus winning for Iraq was the withdrawal of US troops.

I like Yon's line "Yes, there is much writing to do, but there is always time for NRO." I was sure he was going to say Jello.

Filcher said...

I used to send money to Michael yon, and he would send me Anne Coulter's underwear. Too bad there was always dooty on them.