Thursday, December 18, 2008

Yeah, sticking to your beliefs. As if.

Shorter Blogging Tory "Secrets of Vancouver": "Oh, man, did you catch this? The progressive netroots are going to -- ha ha!! -- stand by their principles!! You'd never catch us conservatives doing that."


Unknown said...

So blinded by hate for Bush, the moonbats chose Obama as their "Messiah".

Obama in speech after speech, said what he was going to do. Hillary Clinton warned them.

They have got exactly what they wished for. That is why they are moonbats.

Robert G. Harvie, Q.C. said... your own, uh.. inimitable way, CC, you make a valid point.. if you think something's wrong, well, it's wrong.. and if it happens to be the person you voted for, so be it..

..probably closer to what "progressive" means, as opposed to "another word for extreme left"..

thwap said...


The most you can ever hope for is to realize that you don't have a brain in your fucking head and that you should just shut the fuck up forever.

Unknown said...

Thanks thwap.

You want to take my freedom of speech away and you’re angry. Good thing you’re not the stereotypical lefty.

Give Obama a chance. He has not even taken office. I think he will do a good job, under extremely tough circumstances.

Unknown said...

I would have voted for Obama, Palin was way right of me.

thwap said...


You witless turd; where have i tried to take your free speech away?

unlike the very real assaults on civil liberties by politicians you revere, i would let you be free to yammer on to your heart's content.

i just don't want to be subjected to your stupidity and your lies and your disgusting self-pitying hypocrisy here.

It's like the difference between being free to say unpleasant things and demanding the right to insult people in their own homes.

I can't be sure if you're too stupid to comprehend that or if you're just pretending.

Unknown said...


I comprehend that we have a real gap in how each of us see things. Your thoughts are foreign to me.

We have a conflict of values.

Where is your toleration? Toleration is a way for people to cope with the limits of understanding each other.

I think the left has lost its ability to be tolerant of opposing views.

"What is tolerance? -- it is the consequence of humanity.
We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other's folly --that is the first law of nature."

Modus vivendi.

thwap said...

you are a stupid, lying, pompous ass

Unknown said...

Modus vivendi.

thwap said...

Allow me to explain to everyone the nature of your scuzziness.

I want your annoying presence on this blog eliminated. I believe you pollute this environment.

You self-righteously accuse me of attacking your right to free speech.

But the fact of the fucking matter is that you cheer on real, live governments that perform genuine assaults on civil rights.

The straw that broke the camel's back and got you banned from my blog was your disgusting applause for the harassment of some brave, principled "Code Pink" activists for confronting the moron/war criminal Condoleeza Rice.

In the face of their actual harrassment and the suppression of their rights, you said "Condi for president."

And now, you disgusting pimple, you presume to accuse me of being the intolerant one? The one who is the closet totalitarian?

When I called you on your bullshit, you slithered away to type about how my thoughts are foreign to you, tolerance, blah, blah, blah.

You either know damn well what the issues are and that you're a hypocrite; either that, or you're too stupid to see it. Either way, your opinion is garbage.

Fuck you. You lying piece of shit.

liberal supporter said...

Obama seems to demonstrate his intelligence more every day. Not bad for someone who "lacks experience".

I suppose the "pastor pick" is not usually front page news. But we had a year of shrieking that the Oath of Office will be taken on a Koran, and out the other side of the foaming mouth there was shrieking about how could he sit in his church with a political activist preacher and not leave. Not leaving was supposed to be evidence of agreement.

So now we see he is one of the normal people who happens to go to church but who is decidedly not ruled by preachers. He probably doesn't take the Bible literally either. Good heavens!

Renee said...

Wayne: "Your thoughts are foreign to me."

OH MY GOD NOT FOREIGNERS!! They come here and take all the jobs!!!11!!one!

pierre poutine said...

Modus operandi: Wayne repeatedly trots out a Latin expression in an attempt to convince the gullible that he's not a pea brain.

Unknown said...

Renee: You’re barking up the wrong tree, I helped bring two Filipino families to live/work in our community. We are also bringing four Filipino RNs for our hospital this spring.

My Doctor is a black woman from South Africa. Stereotype much.

"disgusting applause for the harassment of some brave, principled "Code Pink" activists"

thwap: Code Pink has their hearts in the right place. No war. But, I do not agree with their tactics, they are childish. If they harass people expect harassment back.

A liberal society must be based on rational consensus. Our society contains several ways of life.

Our society is like a coin, heads toleration is the pursuit of an ideal way of life. Tails, it is trying to find peace between different ways of life.

The governments job is heads, to apply universal principles and tails, find a way of peaceful coexistence.

Code Pink and groups like them (on left/right); just harden attitudes both for and against. No peace.

Unknown said...

PS Just look at us fight. There will never be any peace. We are the proof.

Unknown said...

Craig: :)

Those Latin words are the idea behind the liberal state.

thwap said...


I'm not interested in your pathetic rationalizations. I'm interested in you learning that you're one of the stupidest people ever born and that your best action would be to SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP.

Unknown said...

thwap: Fly away moonbat.

thwap said...


Ah, your much vaunted "tolerance" evaporates.

YOU'RE the one who says that people who attempt to bring some degree of consequences to mass-murdering criminals deserve to be harassed by all the vast powers of the state.

YOU'RE the totalitarian and YOU'RE the hypocrite.

And for the record, shit-head, if a dunce like you is praising Obama for his "moderation" then people like us are right to condemn him for his status-quo appointments.

Unknown said...

"Ah, your much vaunted "tolerance" evaporates."

I'm quite tolerant of you. You have nice pet names for me and I have a standard pet name for you.

"YOU'RE the one who says that people who attempt to bring some degree of consequences to mass-murdering criminals deserve to be harassed by all the vast powers of the state."

Who voted for Code Pink to bring any consequences to anybody? They can peacefully assemble and protest. "mass-murdering criminals" like Saddam , or the Taliban or Al Qaeda?

"YOU'RE the totalitarian and YOU'RE the hypocrite."

How am I a totalitarian, when I believe in peaceful assembly and the rule of law?

"And for the record, shit-head, if a dunce like you is praising Obama for his "moderation" then people like us are right to condemn him for his status-quo appointments."

Without “moderation” who could co-exist? Yes, you have every right to your opinion. But, people protesting saying Obama is the Fourth Reich, are foolish stupid morons. Seeeesh. I'm not a dunce or a shit-head you Harper.

thwap said...

You are a vapid fool. Your babbling convinces nobody but similarly like-minded fools.

"Code Pink" do not have to be elected by anyone in order to have the right to call Condoleeza Rice or anyone else in that criminal administration a war criminal.

They DID peacefully protest you lying, stupid sack of shit! And for that they were arrested and restrictions were placed on their movements.

Nobody elected bush II or Condi to VIOLATE INTERNATIONAL LAW and invade Iraq. And for the 6,000th time you hypocrite, it was YOUR team and YOUR heroes who shook Saddam's hand and helped finance his criminal aggression and internal despotism, NOT my team.

From now on, all I'm going to say to you when you show up on this blog is for you to shut your big, ugly, stupid mouth.

Because that's all vermin like you deserve.

Unknown said...

"They DID peacefully protest you lying, stupid sack of shit! And for that they were arrested and restrictions were placed on their movements."

I have seen video on that protest. They “were” peacefully protesting and one person was arrested for putting his hand on a police officer.

The protesters then unlawfully moved into the street. The protesters then tried to interfere with the arrest and a police officer asked a woman dressed in pink to back away. She did not so he hit her with a baton.

Which I think was over use of force, but nobody else tried to move forward. The protesters looked more like a mob by then.

I have been in many protests over the years, the largest one was just over 5,000 people, which is huge for a city like Winnipeg. Not one bad incident in any of them.

Why? We respected the law and the police.