Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Vote early. Vote often.

Seriously, for the sake of "Sadly, No" and the baby Jeebus, vote often.

TO NEW READERS: For those of you unfamiliar with the festering rancidness and mind-melting stupidity of Kathy "Five Feet of Bowel Obstruction" Shaidle, well, this is what happens when you take a few days off and leave Kathy with the keys to the blog. Yeah, she libels someone and gets you in deep legal trouble.

Yes, she really is that stupid.

IMAGERY OF THE WEEK: From commenter "npr" over at SN:

Wow. It’s like some mad scientist put Sarah Palin and a pig in a matter transporter and fucked up.

Yeah, I remember something like that from a Star Trek movie and, if I recall correctly, that didn't turn out well, did it?

: Those lousy faggots at "Gay Patriot" have quietly dropped Kathy Shaidle from the list but -- ha ha -- no problem. Go wild.


Dr.Dawg said...

I did, but I would have preferred that she get a Senate seat.

wv: "rescept" (It's like this place knows I'm coming!)

fern hill said...

Hee. My vote just put her in the lead by one.

Mike said...

She's way up now...

burpster said...

Did the deed X 10. Transparent proxies rule.

Balbulican said...

Folks - you do realize she's going to:
a) win, and
b) brag about it

Don't you?

Dr.Dawg said...

Sure she will, but the last laugh is ours--it'll be a bit like a non-feminist winning a Best Feminist Blog prize.

KEvron said...

"Sarah Palin and a pig"

uh.... *ahem*


CanuckRover said...

If we're lucky she'll let it go to her head and move down there... become a little turd in a big steaming heap.

harebell said...

couple of things
why do they refer to her a pint sized? She's not tall, apart from that it's not a fair description. If I went into a bar and got a pint that big I'd be hammered every night.

The movie that comes to mind is galaxy quest where they turn the pig lizard inside out and.... it explodes

Alison said...

La Shaidle - 822, and closest competitor Atlas Shrieks - 185

Ok, someone here hasn't voted

Dr.Dawg said...

Can't believe it--they've removed Shaidle from the list!

Trust the Yanks. They couldn't run an honest election to save their lives.

Metro said...

I think they were worried about their Patriotic Gay Blog Award going to someone who cannot by definition be patriotic.

However, the folks at SN now want us to vote for Atlas Shat. Last I checked she was leading the rebooted poll (the slate seems to have been wiped clean) at 85%.