Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The PPLC: Names, dammit! We want names!

As do a number of other bloggers, we here at CC HQ would dearly love the membership list of the vaunted, super-duper, top secret "Parliamentary Pro-Life Caucus (PPLC)", and for a very simple reason.

If this had been nothing more than an unofficial coffee club of right-wing dingbats and Bible-whomping yokels who got together in someone's rec room on a regular basis, no one would give a shit. But that's not what's happening here, is it?

No, it isn't, because if newly-elected PPLC Grand Poohbah and wielder of the royal PPLC toilet brush Rod Bruinooge insists on describing that collection of retarded misfits as a "Parliamentary Caucus," then we the taxpayers have every right to know who's in it, and what they're doing as our duly-elected MPs.

More to the point, we have the right to know what taxpayer-funded facilities they're abusing, including room-booking privileges and the like. So I'm sure they would like to keep everything on the QT over at the Li'l Misogynists Tree House and Woman Haters' Club, but if those folks want to hang a label of "Parliamentary Caucus" on themselves, then we -- the long-suffering taxpayers -- have every right to have that list of names.

And being the accountability and transparency folks they are, I'm sure Stephen Taylor's Blogging Tories are right there with me. Right, kids? Accountability? Transparency? Fiscal responsibility toward the Canadian taxpayer?

Oh, wait ... I almost forgot. This is different. My bad.

P.S. And as I've mentioned before, it wasn't that long ago that clandestine, multi-party coalitions meeting in back rooms was, somehow, a terrible, terrible thing. Apparently, things have changed since then.

: You have to love the first comment at that Western Stunned Herd post, written apparently without a trace of irony:

At 35 Rob is certainly one of the up and coming MPs in the House. His willingness to stand up and be counted is very refreshing compared to the hundreds of others who will stand for nothing unless they have done a poll first.

Rob's comments indicate to me that he understands the term "Serving in Public office" There is hope.

Posted by: Servant | 2008-12-12 2:13:39 PM

If by "willingness to stand up and be counted" and "Serving in Public Office," you mean "hunkered down in his magic PPLC tree fort and refusing to tell us what other elected MPs are secret little misogynists." Or something like that.


LuLu said...

Posted by : Servant

Servant? Seriously? Freud would have a fucking field day with this mouthbreather.

Ew, ew, ewwwwwwwwwwww.

MgS said...

Go check the parliamentary record of who voted FOR Ken Epp's C-484, that should give you a pretty good sense of who is in the PPLC...

JJ said...

At my place, I've got a list of anti-choice MPs put together by the Abortion Rights Coalition right after the last election.

It rates MPs by (1) previously rated anti-choice (2) opposed Morgentaler's Order of Canada and (3) voted for C-484.

In the absence of any other information, it should be a fairly good starting point for determining who's on the PPLC.

(ps. Please forgive the blogwhoring, CC, but my google ID doesn't link to my wordpress site.)

Beijing York said...

Servant's love for Bruinooge (and reading skills) are suspect. It's RoD not RoB.

Lindsay Stewart said...

"others who will stand for nothing unless they have done a poll first"

oh jeeziz fookin' penguin waddling cripes. rob (sic) bruinooge is a blood relative of massive poll inc. it is a constant wonder that our mouth breathing friends on the right can climb into a pair of socks without a helmet.