Tuesday, December 30, 2008

And if you get a few minutes, Fred, maybe a little something about the gays?

Blogging Tory "Gay and Right" Fred is getting some publicity:

Right-wing gay website hopes to win over Tories

By Andrew Mayeda
December 30, 2008 3:02 AM

When Fred Litwin started a blog called "Gay and Right" a few years ago, he got three kinds of e-mail.

There were the gays who were ticked off that he was conservative, conservatives who were ticked off that he was gay and gay conservatives who were elated to have found a kindred spirit.

And while we might make occasional fun of Fred for his intellectual schizophrenia, we can at least give him credit for addressing issues so critically important to today's gays, such as (in reverse chronological order) ... um ... recycling, Hamas, Israel, Hamas, Israel, Israel, Israel, Hamas, Muslims, Hamas, Israel, Jews, global warming, Hamas, Israel, Hamas, global warming, Israel, ... You know, Fred, maybe it's just me, but you seem to be fixating here.

Join Fred next week when he once again addresses Canada's gay community on the subject of ... um, well, bombs and killing people. Apparently, there's something terribly gay about all that. Or something.

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MgS said...

The irony is that the current owners of the name 'Conservative' don't believe that homosexuality is real - it's all about moral failings in their worldview.

So...if Fred's going to be a dutiful follower of Big Daddy, he can't actually write about issues Big Daddy doesn't believe exist.