Monday, December 22, 2008

It's funny until you're punished for the way you chose to exercise your constitutional right to vote.

Then, apparently, it's hilarious.


CanuckRover said...

Looks like GrantK1 is getting some use out of that Ctrl button.

I love the notion that Harper is doing this out of some principled opposition to pork and not out of spite... cuz the CPC NEVER gives out pork.

nt said...

See? Why did you go and give me a portal into the twisted, vicious little minds of the anti-french bigots?

Man, and I thought the comments section in the Globe and The Star were bad enough!

I guess you really don't have to scratch too hard to dig up some anti-quebecois bigotry eh?

Hey Stephen? Thanks a whole bunch for stoking those embers...asshole.

Kelly said...

Ooooooo, the embers! The fire that was almost dead if it wasn't for this one thing that Harper did...shut up already about it. It will take generations to undo the seperatist kind of thinking and nothing Harpie says now or in the future is going to change that.

crf said...

This is why Quebec will separate. It's official government policy to ensure the majority of Quebec's citizens be utterly second class. And if they don't like it ... leave.

nt said...

Shorter Kevin: "whatever dude, I've been hating on the french long before Harper, suck on it!"

Way to keep it classy asshole.