Saturday, December 20, 2008

RNC to members: Yeah, we suck.

You only wish Canada's wingnuts had this kind of self-awareness:

In Private Memo, RNC Chief Concedes That GOP Is Bereft Of Ideas, Vows Change Of Direction
By Greg Sargent - December 19, 2008, 5:51PM

In a frank and private memo sent today to Republican National Commitee members, the RNC chairman acknowledges that the GOP has grown too addicted to ideology, places politics before policy, and is bereft of ideas -- and that it's imperative that the party shift towards a genuine effort to develop concrete policy solutions to people's problems in order to rescue itself.

The memo, which we obtained from a Republican operative. was written by RNC chief Mike Duncan to explain the RNC's decision -- first reported by Politico -- to create a new in-house think tank called the "Center for Republican Renewal," which is devoted to coming up with new policies and ideas to chart a new direction for the party after November's devastating losses.

By way of rebuttal, Canada's wingnuts promised that this would never happen to them, and that they would redouble their efforts to protect the unborn and keep those filthy gays from getting married.


sooey said...

Having a zombie and an idiot share a ticket for the Presidency probably wasn't the best idea, either.

Romantic Heretic said...

When was the last time the RNC had a new idea?

These are people who haven't been happy since they let the children out of the mines. They are expert propagandists, made easier by the fact that most of the major media outlets agree with their ideology, but their thought processes are frozen in the 19th Century. A few are still stuck in the 18th, pre-American Revolution.

The days of Frontier America are over, and so are the Republicans as that is their core constituency.

Ti-Guy said...

Conservatives really do have an awfully long learning curve. And guaranteed this type of reflection is going to roundly condemned by the Republican base as being elitist or urban or wishy-washy or some stupid thing.

I think it'll take a generation for principled conservatism to re-assert itself. It's taken 30 years of distortion to get to this point, after all.

Kyle Lahnakoski said...

Don't get too happy, the RNC planned this completely. While the RNC lets the Democrats take the fall for the financial apocalypse (and all that was necessary to fix it), they will pretend to ‘renew’. When the worst is over, the RNC will be there to win the next election.

Half the people are below average intelligence; they are very predictable.

Red Tory said...

Half the people are below average intelligence

Well, there's today's statement of the blindingly obvious. ;)