Monday, December 29, 2008

Ah, the SUZANNE-flavoured hilarity of it all.

From Suzie's combox to your eyeballs:

It really is the best entertainment you can get in that price range.


Unknown said...

Hey! That's my comment in that screenshot! I can has royalteez? ;)

As for Ken's comment...well, let's just say that misogynists are not exactly known for their brains.

wv="table" No, seriously.

I vote we not table discussions of Suzie-All-Caps' sanity.

Sheena said...

She sure likes calling attention to her combox, doesn't she. Kinda slutty if you ask me.

WV = spainsmi

"It spainsmi to close my eyes and visualize Suzanne's overflowing combox after a particularly busy night"

Reality Bites said...

Sheena, she said COMbox, not CUMbox.

Renee said...

Meh. Why bother? Her and her con commenters are dumb up one side and dumb down the other. There's nothing remotely like serious debate there, so why give her the attention?

Sheena said...

Holy shit, Reality Bites. You mean she can't spell, either?