Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I'm sorry ... come again?

Brought to you by main page advertising at the Western Stunned Herd:

So that whole "starlight tour" thing was a total fabrication? I don't think so.


Kelly said...

Maybe you should watch the video and then critique it.

Mike said...

I watched the video in the link, Kevin. Thoroughly unconvincing. They are trying to discredit the idea of "Starlight Tours", which existed long before the incident in the film.

As for the film itself:

"The five women and seven men on the all-white jury took 14 hours to reach their verdict. Hatchen and Munson betrayed no emotion when the verdicts were announced."

Seems a jury of the officers peers heard the evidence and agreed with the Crown. Also seems the film is just repeating the same claim the officers told in court, but was not believed (so much for the media not reporting their side of the story).

Right-wing bullshit propaganda. Expect no less from the Western Standard.