Thursday, December 18, 2008

And if you don't like JR's principles, well, he's got others.

Shorter Blogging Tory "JR", Nov 30: "While it might be clearly constitutional, I will denigrate it as sleazy, secret, disgraceful, backroom banana republic politics."

Shorter Blogging Tory "JR", Dec 17: "While it might be sleazy, secret, disgraceful, backroom banana republic politics, I will defend it as clearly constitutional."


Robert G. Harvie, Q.C. said... doubt.

But, that being said, which, of the two examples of "sleazy, secret, disgraceful, backroom banana republic politics" offend your principals, CC?

Kusotarre said...

Dion and Layton didn't spend several years bitching about the horrible injustice of coalition governments.

Harper did do so about appointed senators.

Also, there is something disgustingly dishonest about appointing senators when, for all intents, Harper doesn't have the confidence of the house. He only has this confidence technically, since he shut down democracy to stay in power.

So he's a hypocrite and a sleaze. Dion and Layton are neither.

Robert G. Harvie, Q.C. said...

"Dion and Layton didn't spend several years bitching about the horrible injustice of coalition governments."?

Uh.. I'm sure they didn't. What they did was lie through their teeth to the Canadian public, suggesting their motivation for seeking to bring down a government the day after an election, in the midst of an economic melt-down, was because of the economic proposals of Flaherty.

In reality, we now learn that they were spoiled children who refused to accept the will of the electorate that neither of them were worthy of leading the country.. and they formed an intention to seek to form their own government before Flaherty even opened his mouth.

I'm on record - here, on my own blog, on several BT blogs, incuding Stephen Taylor's, and in fact, in a letter to the editor in my own local paper saying, "Mr. Harper - you have a choice - don't fill these seats with Conservatives".

What's your excuse for ignoring the dishonesty of "your" boys?

It's all sleazy. Period.

However, you, Kusotarre, are another kool-aid drinker, the kind of supporter that politicians love - because all they have to do is make noise, and like a dog responding to the sound of a can-opener, you'll just start drooling, regardless of what crap is in the can.

Kusotarre said...

You didn't at all address my point. Your entire post is a red herring.

I said they were not hypocritical in pursuing the formation of a government, for the simple fact that they did not previously condemn for whatever reason.

Stephen Harper is a hypocrite, because he has statements that clearly contradict what he is now about to do.

Further, you are being ludicrous when you say that Canadians didn't give Layton or Dion the PMO. Far more Canadians voted for the combined Liberal and NDP than they did for the CPC. And, when they combine, they represent more Canadians than a CPC minority would.

How do you not understand this very simple fact of how Canadian government is structured?

It's not sleazy to form a coalition government, it's sadly not common enough.

And your comments about me drinking the kool-aid are pretty pathetic, given the idiotjuice you just drooled into that comment.