Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sympathy for thee but not for me.

The poster boy for particularly bad mullets Patsy Ross is outraged -- outraged, I tell you -- over our lack of concern for one Ed Snell, an anti-abortion activist who's made a career out of screeching, harassing and offending.

In totally unrelated news, killing a young woman by deliberately driving over her with a bulldozer is a total hoot. I'm guessing Patsy won't make the connection here.


Red Tory said...

Oh, come on... poor Ed wasn't "screeching, harassing and offending" he merely built a plywood platform with a ladder to scale a perimeter fence so that he could better "counsel a woman" with his uplifting "pro-life" message via his megaphone. Sheesh! Try to be a little more objective, you genocidal leftards.

Jay said...

So what was the result of the assault arrest? That shitty free press article was so biased it was impossible to read and I have yet to find a followup