Saturday, January 26, 2008

Pay no attention to that scandal behind the curtain.

Big Daddy gave a speech yesterday to the faithful that contained several factual errors but really, what’s a few credibility issues between friends?

He attacked Liberals for opposing his recent GST cut and cast his foes as careless spenders.

"Their reckless spending would - in one budget - push the country back into deficit, adding to the federal debt and putting upward pressure on interest rates," he said.

"They never saw a tax they didn't like. Never saw a tax they wouldn't hike."

Those lines drew chuckles from the party faithful. But they also flew in the face of historical fact.

The previous Liberal government cut taxes by $100 billion, eliminated the deficit, presided over years of uninterrupted economic growth, and tabled more tax cuts in a 2005 budget the Tories later reversed.

He then continued to shovel the CPoC bullshit at a furious pace, to “repeated, thunderous ovations” from the mindless, righttard drones who comprised his appreciative audience.

Why did the Conservatives scrap proposed plans for a national child-care system and replace it with $1,200 taxable cheques for parents?

"Children aren't raised in academic faculties or government offices or in the boardrooms of social activists," Harper explained.

"Children are raised in families, so that's where the money flows."

And what about people who oppose elements of the Tories' law-and-order agenda, or point out that crime rates are actually falling? Harper cast them as apologists for criminals.

"(They) try to pacify Canadians with statistics," Harper said, suggesting emotion should outweigh empirical evidence.

"Your personal experiences and impressions are wrong, they say; crime is really not a problem. These apologists remind me of the scene from the Wizard of Oz when the wizard says, 'Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain."'

Give me a fucking break. Oh, and that inconsequential business of who may or may not be responsible for the change in policy concerning the Afghan detainees?

He did not address the mushrooming detainee controversy or the substance of a recent blue-ribbon panel's report on how to proceed.

However, Big Daddy, leader of the “all polls, all the time” party, did have this to say about the Manley Commission report.

"On a matter of national and global security like this, we will never make a decision based on polls," Harper said. "We will make our decision based on what is right."

Of course you will. Canada’s New Government™ ... the party of accountability, transparency and complete detachment from reality.


Anonymous said...

Of course the mindless retards (aka Blogging Tories) will lap up this crap.....
I think that we should introduce an IQ test for voters - that would eliminate about 99% of all's as if they pride themselves on being total morons...

Pale said...

"Children are raised in families, so that's where the money flows."

What flow? lol. WHAT FUCKING FLOW?
100 bucks for childcare that if you can FIND it, costs 500 and up? In an economy that demands that both parents work?
Im with cherniak_wtf. An IQ test with a math portion.