Monday, January 28, 2008

Just more dumbassitude, Denyse O'Leary-wise.

Mercifully, PZ takes her out to the woodshed, so I don't have to. I've concluded that there is no God because, if there was, I would be a Canadian "journalist" while Denyse would be wearing a paper hat and listening for the "ding" that tells her the next batch of fries is done.

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E in MD said...

I got together with some of my buddies this past weekend and told them about CC's blog and they asked me. "Why do you read a Canadian blog?"

I gave them two reasons.

1. You guys have passion and you don't hold back. When something ticks you off you go for the jugular. No hemming and hawing. No equivocation. No beating around the bush. I see a lot of that sort of wishy washy 'lets all be civilized to the right wing nutjobs trying to destroy our society' bullshit on other blogs and it works my last nerve. You don't act civilized to the hagfish that has gnawed it's way into your intestine and is slowly eating you alive from the inside. Wingnuts are no different.

2. You make me feel better about my own country. Seriously. Knowing that it's not just the US that's full of braindead idiots like Denyse O'Leary who think that just because they can type and set up a blog they are suddenly geniuses capable of commenting on every subject without any actual research or knowledge. This posting is an example that tells me that wingers aren't just an American phenomena. For some reason I find that comforting.