Monday, January 28, 2008

The inevitable unavoidability of reality.

And, finally, the blinders start to slip. And when even some Blogging Tories are getting a clue, well, can a rain of herring be far behind?

SADLY, HOWEVER, there is still some absolutely eye-rolling lack of awareness, as The Torch's Damian Brooks is as woefully clueless as ever:

With three months of work and one report Manley and the rest of the panel have accomplished what the Government has failed to do since the beginning of our Afghanistan involvement.

Yes, Damian, that's a good, little wingnut -- here's a biscuit. Mercifully, though, even those typically right-wing chowderheads at the Toronto Sun have clued in:

Manley panel gets it wrong

The report on Afghanistan delivered Monday by the Manley panel was deeply disappointing. Its totally predictable findings could have been written without the panel of instant Afghan experts wasting millions of tax dollars.

No shit, Sherlock. And might that be because that vaunted Manley report had already been written before the investigation even started?

The Torch: Because while there's a desperate need for well-informed, investigative Canadian military bloggers, even the retards have the right to a public forum, too.


Red Tory said...

The loyalist Kool-Aid® drinkers will soon rally around the government. You can see it in the comments over at “Daimnation!” Nobody cares, it’s all just media-hype whipped up by “leftist activists” and so on…

CC said...


Quite simply, those people have nothing to say of any value whatsoever. I can't put it any more succinctly than that.

Red Tory said...

I agree completely. My suggestion was merely that it would be foolhardy to think that any pesky “facts” or inconvenient “reality” will dissuade the faithful from their zealous adherence to the party line and their “true blue” ideology.

p.s. I have a video of Sandra Buckler caught on tape over at my place! Although it could be Joanne... ;)