Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Not what you'd call a student of history.

Briefly checking in from the planet Weembo, Blogging Tory "Freedom is My Nationality"'s prose must be appreciated in its full, unabridged splendour:

Glad to see ya Bushie

In his State of the Union address Bush promises to veto any bill that does not cut the amount of earmarks in half.

That is to say that the abuse of this system that has led to the pillaging of the people’s money for the sake of political gain is finally being tackled by an American President. This is good news. I am heartened to see that the Big Government-Spending Republican has managed to grasp this one piece of fiscal sanity.

I won’t even complain too much that he makes this pronouncement at the end of his second term in office. After all why worry that someone has come a little late to the party? We should all just be glad that he showed up at all.


You can't possibly need a punchline for that.


Ti-Guy said...

Does Stephen Taylor troll nursing homes and divy booze-cans to find dotty old men and sanctimonious drunks to write blogs for the blogging tories?

It's really fucking late in the day to be congratulating Chimpy for cracking down on earmarks.

Southern Quebec said...

This was so funny, I thought it said, "The State of The Onion".

CC said...

TPM's Paul Kiel explains nicely why Commander Codpiece is not relevant anymore.

chris said...

Also from Think Progress:
Bush’s earmarks included $24 million for the Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program

E in MD said...

State of the Union Summary

My Fellow Americans.




Claim responsibility for good stuff
Deny culpability for bad stuff.

CHEERLEAD - We're the best, rah rah.


Thank you and God bless.

- - - -

And yes I'm concerned he came late to the party. It's all well and good to call for fiscal responsibility and lower taxes... but when you've spent your entire Presidency running the budget into the ground, and spending tax money as though tomorrow will never come. Especially at the END of your term. For us adults with half a brain this is the equivalent of one of those whiney little princesses on 'My Sweet 16' getting a trillion dollar credit card spending all of it and then some and then telling her parents "Now you make sure you don't spend too much. We've got a tight budget!" It's fucking patently ridiculous and insulting! It's also pointless political grandstanding since our nation had enough sense to enact the 22nd Amendment.

Where was his concern over fiscal responsibility when Stevens wanted $300 million to build the Gravina island bridge? Where was his concern when he decided to borrow $9 billion a month from the Chinese to pay for his war?