Thursday, January 31, 2008

I'll take "Really retarded Blogging Tories" for $600, Alex.

The Globe gets it. On the other hand, this idiot does not.

Here's a thought, P.O. -- as a Blogging Tory, you really shouldn't write a breathtakingly stupid post that discusses "stereotypes." The irony could literally injure children and small animals.


Ti-Guy said...

With these guys, it's always the cover-up (or the rationalisation), never the crime (Harpy's stupid ethnic demagoguing).

How far will they go to excuse Big Daddy?

Red Tory said...

Platty, Kursk and Phantom... Wow. There's a real brain trust. What a bunch of maroons.

The Seer said...

So you're a senior staffer in the DPW and no sooner than Canada gets a New Government than you're ushered into the PM's office and sitting across the table from you are these guys trying to stiff the taxpayer and nobody from Canada's New Government comes right out and says what you're supposed to do so you walk out thinking "It's all Greek to me?"