Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sometimes, awestruck astonishment is the only possible response.


P.S. Somewhere, Denyse O'Leary is reading that and thinking she has her next blog post.

AFTERDEEPTHOUGHTS: It occurs to me that it would be trivially easy to thoroughly smack down ignorant yobs like this:

"We are not advocating creationism," said Kim Kendall, a member of First Baptist Church in Jacksonville. "We are not asking for religion to be taught in science.

"We are asking for evolution to continue to be taught, but to be taught with both its supports and its faults."

"Fair enough," I would say, "let's go to the whiteboard here and start two lists -- evolution's 'supports' and evolution's 'faults.' Now, Mr. Kendall, let's first fill out the list of 'supports,' shall we? Off the top of your head, start throwing out items to put on that list."

I believe the overwhelming ignorance of even elementary biology would become obvious in short order. The associated public humiliation would just be a bonus.

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