Thursday, January 24, 2008

There's stupid, and then there's reality.

We'll let an old blog post by Blogging Tory "Kitchener Conservative" sum up the general thinking over in the special ed bleachers:

Kyoto a money-sucking socialist scheme

These words from Harper couldn't be more true,

"Kyoto is essentially a socialist scheme to suck money out of wealth-producing nations," says the letter, signed by Harper.

Read the article for full text of the letter. It may not make sense to the worshippers of the religion of Kyoto, but it sure speaks volumes to many of us....Kyoto Sucks plain and simple.

Yeah ... fucking climate change communist socialism, leeching all that hard-earned money off of honest, hard-working ... um ... hang on, what's this (emphasis added)?

New Brunswick government announces wind farm on Lameque Island

Published Tuesday January 22nd, 2008

LAMEQUE, N.B. - The New Brunswick government has announced plans for a wind farm on Lameque Island in the province's northeast.

NB Power will sign a 25-year power purchase agreement for up to 49.5 megawatts of wind power with Acciona Wind Energy Canada. Acciona will construct, own, and operate the Lameque wind farm which will produce enough power to meet the electricity needs of about 8,900 homes.

The announcement is the first in a series of contracts that will see NB Power buy 300 megawatts of wind-generated electricity from private developers by November 2010.

Energy Minister Jack Keir says wind energy brings greater stability for rates in the future, because it lessens dependency on the uncontrollable prices of foreign oil and coal.

Acciona currently owns 192 wind farms in 12 countries.

The Lameque site will cost about $100 million.

Well, how about that? In the midst of all that climate change, alarmist socialism, there are apparently some folks who still know how to make a pile of cash being environmentally responsible. Who would have guessed?

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Speaking of Conservative Courtesy. This brought to by the group that supposedly despises the usage of such words.