Sunday, January 27, 2008

Because avoiding the facts iz hard werk.

Yes, it just gets funner and funner, doesn't it, as JimBobby points out:

Detainee Transfers: Did We Really Quit?

Whooee! So, there was a new policy on detainees put into place on November 5th or 6th, 2007. Around December 19th, Brigadier General Deschamps made statements under oath in an affidavit filed with the Federal Court. The General paints a dire picture of what would happen if we quit handing over prisoners to the Afghanis.

But, but, but... we'd already quit doing that 5 weeks earlier.

I could ask the Blogging Tories how they'd like to explain this but, instead, I'm just going to point out that they're all a bunch of retarded, KoolAid-swilling cementheads and move on. It'll save us all a pile of time. You can thank me later.

HEH. Indeed:

But one telephone receiver was shaking with the sound of screaming as a livid Department of National Defence official vented his fury at the Prime Minister's Office.

The military official said his colleagues are incensed by the insinuation that they would be incompetent enough to withhold key details on a politically charged file from their civilian bosses.

He said the Canadian Forces should be receiving plaudits for having signed a detainee-transfer deal when Foreign Affairs failed to do so in 2005, and for having then immediately halted transfers when proof of torture was uncovered in November.

“Instead we've been wearing this,” the military official said, shouting loudly enough to shake the phone receiver. He described the mood at DND as ”outraged and frustrated.”

If I were Stephen Harper, I wouldn't worry too much -- he'll always have a loyal, fawning following among the Blogging Tories who are active members of the military, currently putting their lives on the line at the front.

Oh, wait ...

(Wag of the tail to CH.)

BY THE WAY, you have to love the very title of that G&M piece: "Conservatives send designated MPs to defend Buckler." That's right -- the PM's spokesfuckwit now has her own personal spokesfuckwits. If the hilarity got any more recursive, well, it would just get more recursive, wouldn't it?

MORE LINKY GOODNESS AT NO EXTRA CHARGE: Not surprisingly, Dave at TGB is all over this like Patsy Ross on Werner Patels' trouser weasel:

The word on the jetty is that unless Buckler receives the appropriate discipline (fired), there will be information made public which will show that the Canadian Forces in Afghanistan did not make the immediate decision to stop prisoner transfers in isolation. They will demonstrate that the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, the government department actually responsible for administering the prisoner transfer agreement with the government of Afghanistan, made the initial decision on November 5th, 2007 and advised the CF to stop handing over prisoners to the Afghan government.

Added thought: I don't believe for a minute Buckler will be fired, but if she is you can expect a soft-landing. If I were the ambassador to any developed country in the Canadian diplomatic chain, I'd be checking to see where I could get some packing boxes.

And if the latter happens, one might ask PM Pillsbury Doughboy how he defines "accountability" and "personal responsibility" these days. Not that we'd give a shit what the answer was, but it would be amusing to watch him get angry again.


Lindsay Stewart said...

"like Patsy Ross on Werner Patels' trouser weasel"

ack, jeebux h. barf-a-little. too early for that.

The Seer said...

There is one simple answer to this the rest of you aren't getting. If she gets dumped, she gets to write her memoirs