Monday, January 28, 2008

Can someone find the fainting couch?

Look who dropped by to clutch his pearls over our meeeeeeaann posts about Ed Snell. This Ed Snell.

During his visit, he’s managed to make reference to our little corner of blogtopia as a “cesspool” and my partner-in-hate. I think I might be hurt. No, now that I've thought about it, I'm really not.

He doesn’t actually say whether CC or PSA is my partner so maybe he just means both of them. Hmmmmm. Would that make us reverse Mormons? Nobody tell Mitt Romney – he’ll be soooooo pissed.


KEvron said...

"This Ed Snell."

you mean ed snell the riot instigator? fuck him and his broken, porous hip!


CC said...

Be careful, Lu ... Patsy doesn't take criticism well. I'm guessing that would be that compassionate conservatism we keep hearing so much about.

Ti-Guy said...

Mustn't forget for the visual aid.

Patrick coordinated his wardrobe to match the curtains, the tablecloth and Leon Benoit.

LuLu said...

Now that is a styling mullet.

CC said...

With Patsy, I'm guessing it's just a matter of time.

I highly recommend mullet #97, "SC Redneck." Eerie, isn't it, Patsy? It's like looking into the future.

Lindsay Stewart said...

oh heavens forfend, lumpen oaf patrick ross has his man panties in a terrible twist. what about serial harasser ed snell? that poor, innocent old fella just wanted to counsel some wicked, murderous women. we'll have to see what the real story is when the case is heard. did he actually get pushed or did he take a tumble at the shock of someone jumping up onto his rolling veranda with him. was it an intent to injure or an unfortunate accident on an unsafe vehicular platform.

considering that snell runs with evil pricks like operation rescue, he's only a half step removed from the anti-choice terrorists. and in today's america., preemptive attacks on those that sanction or harbour terror is the order of the day. ross, you are such a flatulent waste of space, go be a big time achiever elsewhere. maybe your school paper has an exciting assignment for you interviewing a zamboni driver.

Ti-Guy said...

By the way, Patsy Ross's BFF, Leon Benoit is up to his old tricks again:

"They want Clement to show up but at some point later on. And they're prepared to pass a motion to say to the minister " go away and come back another day."

That would be "childish" says committee chair Leon Benoit (CONS),"the Minister will be there."

Benoit says he scheduled in Tony Clement after Clement asked to appear last week. He is taking a spot left open by the former head of AECL Michael Burns who declined an invitation to appear.

"He (Clement ) asked if he could come, I had an opening," says Benoit."

And if the cretinous redneck doesn't get his way, he'll storm out of the committee hearing, like he's done before.