Sunday, January 27, 2008

Science? We don’t need science.

After all, it’s so liberal and elitist and, and ... sciency. Ick.

The one scientist in this country who had direct access to the Prime Minister is being dismissed. Canada’s National Science Adviser, Dr. Arthur Carty, was appointed by former Prime Minister Paul Martin to provide expert advice on the government’s role in matters of science and science policy. Now, less than four years after the position was created, the Harper government feels that it’s no longer necessary.

Well of course he’s not necessary, Big Daddy already knows everything worth knowing. He’d be the first one to tell you that. And considering the not-so-science-friendly people he hangs out with – well, you get where I’m going with this, right?

Bob McDonald, host of the CBC science radio program Quirks & Quarks, then goes on to say:

Eliminating the National Science Adviser is the latest in a string of events showing how our current government, at least at the top level, does not seem to be interested in the scientific perspective.

Soon after taking power, the Harper government moved the National Science Adviser position from the Privy Council Office down to Industry Canada, where Dr. Carty reports to the Minister there instead of directly to the PM. Following that, our Prime Minister embarrassed the country internationally by backing out of the Kyoto Accord and stonewalling the climate change discussions in Bali.

Canada’s New Government™, boys and girls ... where science is sooooooo two years ago.


Red Tory said...

Not to mention the fact that they routinely ignore scientific advisers in the Parliamentary Library. Witness the report last year on biofuels that was hastily swept under the carpet because it conflicted with the government's pork barrel handouts to the agri-business lobby. Another great example of "conservative" principles, by the way.

LuLu said...

You should really read that link to the Walrus, RT - if you haven't already. It's more than a little bit frightening.

Let me know if you can't get to it (it's subscription only) and I'll email it to you.

CC said...

Not surprisingly, even the Americans are laughing at us.

Your Stephen Harper Party of Canada: Finding new ways to make us an international laughing stock yet again.

Balbulican said...

The problem with science is that the process yields a substance the professionals in the field call "information". Deucedly awkward stuff to ignore when pursuing an ideological program, best nipped in the bud.

KEvron said...

mcvety: "The false religion is the worship of Mother Earth"

it's the only valid religion there is.


Clive said...

Careful what you wish for... the Greatest Living Western Prime Minister was a biochemist.