Saturday, January 26, 2008

I Could Totally Do This...

[This embedded video deleted since is just dog-fucking slow about downloading.]

Holy Jeebux kids! I did gymnastics at one point in my life and I used to pull some pretty crazy and risky stunts but... OMFG. If you notice, he's brandishing a sword during some of this. Because it isn't quite dangerous enough yet. Yoiks!


JJ said...

That's awesome! I love gymnastics.

I can still do a cartwheel, but I'm restricted to certain locations -- ie., right outside a chiropractor's office. Or a hospital.

LuLu said...

Boys ... they really don't change with age. My son is training for his black belt PSA and he can do all the same moves with his bo and bokken, and some of the tumbling. How he doesn't break bones is beyond me - I think he's very bendy.