Thursday, January 24, 2008

Why, yes, I DID see that coming, thanks for asking.

Oh, my, but I love being perpetually right about everything. Recall, if you will, from just this morning:

The Stephen Harper Party of Canada is clearly trying to have the lawsuit voided since, well, the transfers stopped, so what's the big deal? In other words, when their back is against the wall, they'll bend just long enough and far enough to make that lawsuit moot.

And, oh, my, what do we have in this afternoon's Mop and Pail? I'm glad you asked:

A federal lawyer argued that Mr. Champ's quest for an injunction is now moot because the transfers have stopped.

Yes, you have my permission to worship my dazzling intellect and prescience although, in all fairness, it didn't take an overpowering brilliance to see that coming. All you had to ask yourself was, what's the stupidest, sleaziest, most hypocritical thing the Harper Party of Canada could possibly do in this situation?

The answer pretty much writes itself, doesn't it?

And guest starring Raphael Alexander as "Lonny."


Red Tory said...

You forgot to mention your awesome modesty. ;)

Raphael Alexander said...

That's my wife's favourite show. Whenever it's on I try to put on my headphones and pretend she's not laughing at Zach Braff's girlish remarks.