Saturday, January 26, 2008

Fucked if you do, and fucked if you don't.

The Blogging Tories' Raphael Alexander points out how Stephane Dion is pretty much screwed, no matter what:

... why are the Liberals standing on the podium crying about "stains" on Democracy when they've known about it for two weeks, and why has Peter MacKay accused Dion of being 'irresponsible' about speaking about the issue?

So Dion will be attacked for remaining silent on what he knew for that last two weeks while, on the other hand, he will conversely be vilified for irresponsibly speaking out on the subject.

And the Blogging Tories' response will be, "Um, yeah, I don't see a problem here."

AFTERSNARK: In the comments section there, one "wilson" sadly demonstrates just how much of a misinformed imbecile someone can possibly be:

PMSH and Conservatives are still 'no comment on military operations', while Dion is telling all, in detail (he said, and then I said) to any media that will listen.

I don't know why the military swore all those privy to the detainee info, into secrecy. That was a military, not political decision.

To which one can only plead with "wilson" to go read Dave's take on the issue so that he not remain this depressingly ignorant all his life.

Yeah, that'll happen. When pigs fly out of my butt, that'll happen.

DOUBLE PLUS GOOD AFTERSNARK: Apparently, Stephen Harper and the Harperoids have pissed off a few people. People with guns. That's generally a bad idea.

THE LAST WORD: Read this. Then this. Case closed.


Ti-Guy said...

I see (steaming cow) Pat Ross is over there adding nothing of value.

BCL said it all:

"I think their silence is an example of good old Canadian patriotism. They were told this was a matter of national security, and so did not move to make political hay of it until it came out through other sources."

Stephane Dion knows damn well the Rightwing Wurlitzer would have kicked in if he had breathed a word of this sooner.

Raphael Alexander said...

I can partially accept that excuse.

But as I said on my blog, would the reaction have been any different from Dion if they'd told him in confidence that they'd stopped transferring prisoners in order to send them to gas chambers and crematoriums? At what point is a politician compelled to come forward with the truth? How long would the Liberals have waited?

Anonymous said...

Instead of focusing on Dion, I wonder why the fucknuts and various retards are not questioning Harper and fiends.

Potato Pete was in Afghanistan roughly during the same time as Dion and Ig... If they knew why did the bitchless wonder not know? Are Harperoids so disconnected from reality that they are this clueless or this Potato Pete spend all his time at the Timmies there?