Monday, January 28, 2008

Wingnut hysteria, anti-choice version.

Oh, dear ... what with the 20th anniversary of R. v Morgentaler, the Christopaths among Canada's Blogging Tories are outdoing themselves in an absolute frenzy of pearl clutching and panty twisting. Here's "Christian Conservative," proving he doesn't know sweet fuck-all about Canadian law:

A Dark Anniversary for Canada

20 years ago today, infanticide was de-criminalized here in Canada. It's a reprehensible stain on our national image... one which no one seems to care to correct.

Oooooooh ... "infanticide." And yet, strangely enough, those abortion providers aren't being arrested en masse and thrown into isolation. How curious. It's almost as if abortion is ... what's the word I'm looking for here? Oh, right ... "legal."

In a display of totally uncharacteristic mercy and compassion, I'm going to spare you the rest.


LuLu said...

I'm not. The oh-so-righteous Christian Conservative then goes on to say:

NOTE: I will not tolerate pro-infanticide comments today, and any that are made will be removed... so don't bother. Serious questions are welcome, and I will attempt to respond... but no promises. Comments supporting the cause of saving the lives of the unborn are welcome.

If a high volume of pro-infanticide comments are posted, the comments section will simply be closed... you have been warned.

Ooopsie ... there's that pesky issue of "silence" again.

E in MD said...

An infant is a child of up to 24 months in age. You do not start counting age until AFTER the child leaves the mother.

So that twat can go soak her head.