Thursday, January 24, 2008

Just because it can’t be stressed enough.

In light of Big Daddy’s super-secret, double-probation policy shift on the transfer of Afghan detainees, I thought we should take the time to revisit some of the CPoC’s greatest hits from Question Period.

"I can understand the passion that the leader of the Opposition and members of his party feel for Taliban prisoners," Harper said Wednesday during Parliament's question period. "I just wish occasionally they would show the same passion for Canadian soldiers."

Prime Minister Stephen Harper suggested Tuesday in the House of Commons that Globe reports of prisoner abuse were merely unsubstantiated ramblings of a few Taliban captives. "These are merely allegations being made by the Taliban," he said in French. "I don't accept allegations without evidence from the Taliban. "

"The so-called detainees, these are people who are largely captured in the firefight, who realized they are overwhelmed and even though they encourage others to commit suicide, they're not prepared to commit themselves, and lay down their arms — the majority of the people. They’re not all in that category but the majority, that’s where they’re coming from," Day told an international counterterrorism conference.

"We do expect these kinds of allegations from the Taliban," said Tory House leader Peter Van Loan. "It is their standard operating procedure to engage in these kinds of accusations."

Canada’s New Government™ - where being a conservative means never having to say you're sorry. Stay classy, Big Daddy, stay classy.

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Red Tory said...

Speaking of torture... That's quite the quote there from Stockwell "The Bible is the literal Word of God" Day. It's possible to decipher what he's saying, but whoa... is it ever mangled.