Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Let the wingnuttery shunning commence.

Schadenfreude, baby ... pure schadenfreude:

At a meeting last week, a clear majority of the graduating class of about 230 [at Choate Rosemary Hall] said it opposed [Karl] Rove’s invitation, students who were at the meeting said.

In an editorial titled “Rove in ’08: We Think Not,” the campus newspaper, The News, urged the school to withdraw the invitation.

Yes, I think I see a delicious pattern here.

Of course, if there was a God, all of those people would be taken to the public square and tied securely, whereupon every citizen would be allowed to step forward and hoof them, just once, squarely in the nads.

But I'll take what I can get.

: Only seconds after I hit the "Publish" button on this post did it occur to me that, somewhere, there would be an ignorant, mouth-breathing fuckwit who would interpret the above choice by the Choate students as an appalling, leftist attack on free speech.


After all, it's just one of the most important events in the lives of all of those students, so why the hell should they have any say in how it goes down?

Fucking liberals -- there's just no pleasing them, is there?

BY THE WAY, if you read the originally-referenced news piece, you'll get a taste for the savage intolerance of those uncivil leftards (emphasis added):

Shanahan said he had asked seniors for their opinions on the proposed commencement speech and many said they wanted to hear from Rove—but at some time other than commencement...

In an e-mail to students and staff Monday, Shanahan quoted Rove as saying: "I would not want 12 minutes of remarks to be used as an excuse by a small group to mar what should be a wonderful day of celebration for the members of the 2008 graduating class and their families, so I am delighted to instead accept Choate's invitation to speak on campus Feb. 11."

Why, the absolute nerve of those closed-minded moonbats -- dismissively and contemptuously agreeing to host Rove on another occasion. How will democracy ever survive?


E in MD said...

How th ehell is it free speech? Rove et all get PAID to appear at events like that. You think Clinton shows up at a graduation for free? Bullshit. If their money is going towards their graduation then the kids should have a say in who or what decides to speak to them.

and I love how all the right wing shit factories like that require you to register before you can comment. I'm not giving you fucktards an email address just so I can point out the fact that you're a bunch of drooling fact twisting demagogues.

Red Tory said...

Yeah, what E said. "Free speech"? Give me a break.

I loved this from the end of that Newsmutts piece: "(A perfect opportunity to refer you to Jonah Goldberg's new book, "Liberal Fascism")" LOL.

Unknown said...

Say, I wonder if our Great Defenders of Free Speech will make a stand on this travesty. After all, that poor man is being denied his precious rights by a small group of bullies, just like in this case.

E in MD said...

By Blogger Kelseigh, at 9:07 PM

If the kids had decided they didn't want the global warming lecture themselves? I'd have little issue with it. I actually have little issue with the town deciding it wants to deny global warming is real and man made. I find it sad, backwards and rather like denying the sun comes up in the morning. But if they want to stick their heads in the sand, that's their choice.