Thursday, January 24, 2008

I think you're looking for the word "dysfunctional."

This just gets better and better (emphasis added):

Romney Leads in Ill Will Among G.O.P. Candidates

TAMPA, Fla. — At the end of the Republican presidential debate in New Hampshire this month, when the Democrats joined the candidates on stage, Mitt Romney found himself momentarily alone as his counterparts mingled, looking around a bit stiffly for a companion.

The moment was emblematic of a broader reality that has helped shape the Republican contest and could take center stage again on Thursday at a debate in Florida. Within the small circle of contenders, Mr. Romney has become the most disliked...

Mike Huckabee’s pugilistic campaign chairman, Ed Rollins, appeared to stop just short of threatening Mr. Romney with physical violence at one point.

“What I have to do is make sure that my anger with a guy like Romney, whose teeth I want to knock out, doesn’t get in the way of my thought process,” Mr. Rollins said.

Does it get any funnier than this -- the hacktacular collection of panderers, nutjobs and intellectual dropcases that are the GOP presidential candidates?

  • The now politically-deceased Fred Thompson and Duncan Hunter.

  • The utterly loathsome, despised and shamelessly opportunistic Romney.

  • The hypocritical and screamingly corrupt Rudy Giuliani.

  • The Bible-whomping, racist, misogynistic and scientifically illiterate Mike Huckabee.

  • The white supremacist Ron Paul.

  • The poster child for advanced dementia and anger management classes John McCain.

Really, there's just so much entertainment value one can take at any time. If this were any funnier, I'd be snorting milk out of my nose.


LuLu said...

Karma, baby ... karma. And it couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of right wing, neocon fucktards.

Red Tory said...

Quite the box of chocolates there on the GOP side, isn't it? Who's the "Crunch Frog" I wonder...

GroovyJ said...

But you're ignoring the punchline - that no matter which one of these obviously demented people wins the nomination, they're pretty much guaranteed to get no less than 40% of the vote.

GroovyJ said...

Clarification - I mean the final electoral vote, not the nomination type vote.