Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sweet dancing Jesus.

Five Feet of Crazy’s™ mind must be a dark and terrible place to live:

Insult is good. When I was a child we made fun of fat kids and there were fewer fat kids because of it. God forbid we hurt the feelings of our little ones. Boo hoo.

Since it's now okay to hurt someone's feelings, allow me to be the first to ask what the fuck went wrong with you, honey? Perhaps you just weren’t made fun of enough as a child.


900ft Jesus said...

what a sick bitch. Well, she just gave us an open invitation to insult her. Insults are good! (not that many have held back before this)

900ft Jesus said...

damn! I just suggested that in your post about KKKate being a stupid cunt!

CC said...

"When I was a child we made fun of fat kids and there were fewer fat kids because of it."

I beg to differ -- I've been referring to a number of Blogging Tories as "stupid cunts" but, strangely enough, it hasn't lessened the number of BT stupid cunts even slightly.

I must be doing something wrong.

CC said...

Whoops, sorry, 900, I had to fix a comment and yours is now out of order. Feel free to submit it again, and I'll fix things.

Ti-Guy said...

Sayeth the mediocre Catholic:

In this manner we have ended up with a nation filled with apologetic Liberal idiots who are afraid to touch guns, fight for their rights, or defend their country.

Oh fuck off, you cow. What we've ended up with is a demographic of raging mediocrities like this hideous freak who's abandoned the very notion of success through excellence and merit and has embraced intellectual pornography to draw attention to her miserable self.

She'll be on Crossroads Television System (family television you can *believe* in) this evening with fuck-buddy Mike Brock. Everyone tune in...the three-way with Michael Coren promises to be a display so wet 'n wild they'll have to bring in an environmental disaster clean-up crew afterwards.

900ft Jesus said...

my comment is out of order? Well, eff you! :)

E in MD said...

Insult is good. When I was a child we made fun of fat kids and there were fewer fat kids because of it. God forbid we hurt the feelings of our little ones. Boo hoo.

Yeah.. until the fat kid walks into the school one day with an AK and guns your monkey ass down. Then it's real fun isn't? You stupid fucking waste of skin.

I wasn't fat. I was short and quiet and so all the little cocksmokers like this bitch messed with me. They get together four or five buddies and have a little shit kicking party. Know when it stopped? When I fucking jacked one of them up at school one day and put his punk ass in the hospital. Then suddenly I was 'That crazy kid'. No I was just the kid that was tired of people like this bitch.

That the sort of behavior you want, Kate? Because when it happens to your demented little crotch-droppings because they poked their target one too many times I'm going to laugh my balls off. There's nothing that helps you remember biology 101 more than the runt of the class breaking the bully's jaw with part of a desk.

You remember that shit the next time one of you right wingers decide to lecture us on fucking civility.

¢rÄbG®äŠŠ said...

Nicely, put, e.

Mike said...

"there were fewer fat kids because of it."

Yes, most likely they committed suicide because of the endless torment. Feel better? How positively Christian of you.

What an unbelievably evil bitch.

Red Tory said...

Um, so by that logic, if we keep making fun of dumpy, batshit crazy termagants, there’ll be a lot less people like Kathy Shaidle around. Cool. Works for me.

JJ said...

"When I was a child we made fun of fat kids and there were fewer fat kids because of it"


There were fewer fat kids because there was no such thing as x-box, playstation, facebook, myspace, DVDs, and the multitude of other passive entertainments we have today. Kids watched TV, but they also went outside to play... road hockey, climbed trees, exlored in the woods, etc.

I was running around outside all the time when I was a kid, that's why I've never had weight issues -- not because people made fun of it. Kathy's just looking for yet another excuse to treat people like shit.

Lindsay Stewart said...

from the picture in the link, kathy shitehole is one of the fat kids. i sad, puffy little puke that inspires derision and scorn, a subject more of pity than sympathy.

liberal supporter said...

From the cbc article:
The difference between my teenaged self and my middle-aged iteration is that I'm still returning God's calls.
Um, I talk to God from time to time, and sometimes things I want happen, but God has never ever talked to me. I do not believe those who claim God talks to them. They are dangerous.

People who fly planes into buildings or shoot lots of school kids often claim God talked them into it. More precisely, they claim God talked to someone else who then told them God said to do it.

She's either lying or crazy. I thought she was against Muslim terrorists because they claim direction from God. Why does she do the exact same thing?

Frank Frink said...

Shaidle, punk rock rebel?

Na-uhn. More like, once a poseur always a poseur.

JJ said...

"Shaidle, punk rock rebel?"

Another sad example of the discrepancy between perceived self-image and reality.