Friday, January 25, 2008

Oh, gosh, did I say that out loud?

Over at AA's place, we find that one of AA's commenters has a novel solution to the prisoner's dilemma problem:

lanarklady said...

... There is is a solution to the prisoner issue,take no prisoner,problem solved!

Now, assuming that "lanarklady" isn't suggesting that we simply give them a stern talking-to and send them on their way, it's safe to say that, while a number of Canada's conservatives might enjoy simply murdering those troublesome brown people, taking that kind of position in public is not the sort of thing that will get you invited to the classier dinner parties at 24 Sussex Drive.

Of course, I've been wrong before.

AND THE STUPID JUST KEEPS ON BURNING: Oh, dear Lord ... poor Ardvark is now just bellowing his unbelievable ignorance for the world to hear (emphasis added):

Rapheal, the Canadian Government is not the detaining power, unless maybe Dion happened to capture a couple of Taliban while he was there for his photo op, but rather the detaining power is the Canadian Military. I am sure they have done all the necessary paper work.

Now let's hear from someone who knows of what he speaks and isn't a stunningly retarded Blogging Tory:

So, then we get to the part where Buckler is trying to push all responsibility onto the Canadian Forces.

Big deal. Her statement suggests that the whole issue, both the actual detention and the communications of policy, is out of the hands of the prime minister, minister of national defence and whatever else is not in uniform.

That suggestion isn't just wrong, it's an outright lie. What she is hoping is that we'll all look at the Chief of Defence Staff for an answer. Even on a short leash, she is about to make him the one squirming in front of the news cameras.

It is not, however, the problem of the CDS.

The Canadian Forces can deal with immediate custody arrangements but it is up to the civilian government of Canada to formulate how to deal with longer term arrangements. The political leaders must not only know what is being done, they are required to provide approval.

So, on the one hand, we have TGB's Dave with his considerable experience in the military, versus the imbecilic, ignorant rantings of BT Alberta Aardvark. That is what we in the industry call a "no-brainer," wouldn't you say?

: It occurs to me to point out that what we have here is a delightful opportunity to see if those on Canada's Right are capable of actually addressing the issues, as they are so fond of challenging others to do.

AA made a claim that, on its face, is thoroughly inaccurate. He is now being corrected and, if you feel like playing, you too can pop over there and leave a polite but firm comment stating how wrong AA is. And we'll just keep watching and see if AA either finally 'fesses up to being out to lunch based on the incontrovertible facts placed before him, or whether he continues to evade, tap dance, move goalposts and finally just refuse to discuss it any further.

Anyone want a piece of that action?

UH OH ... things over at Chez AA are, sadly, utterly predictable as AA 1) isn't interested in your opinion, and 2) really isn't interested in your opinion. In short, fuck you and the facts you rode in with.

I think our job here is done. Next.


Red Tory said...

Take no prisoners. Sure. I think the Nazis had a similar outlook at the end of the war. Way to go "Lanarklady"! Nice moral compass you've got there.

Ti-Guy said...

I love how these "conservatives" attract the vilest people...people who advocate things that are illegal under international law. In fact, supporting something like this puts soldier in the position of committing war crimes. Talk about "Support the Troops." Wow...

Shit really does find its own level.