Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Denyse O'Leary: Redefining "dumbcuntitude."

[Welcome UD readers. To see what sort of dishonest gasbag Denyse O'Leary is, well, you can first read her defense of ID hack Guillermo Gonzalez, then you can go here for the real story. Denyse really is an ignorant, lying hack, and I mean that in the most derogatory way imaginable.]

It's actually difficult for me to put into words my unadulterated, seething contempt for ignorant hack Denyse O'Leary, after reading this:

The hit review in the New York Times of Antony Flew's book "There IS a God" gets mail.

(Yes, Flew is that Brit toff who decided there must be a God based on intelligent design of the universe.)

Did he, Denyse? Did he really? I suppose it's possible to see things that way if you're a worthless, dishonest hack like Denyse. And for those of you who prefer not to be a pig-ignorant dingbat like Denyse, well, let PZ introduce you to reality.

Holy fuck, but I hate that woman. Did I mention how much I hate that woman? A lot.


bigcitylib said...

In any case Flew's God isn't the Christian one, but an Aristotelian "unmoved mover" type thingie. Not something you'd pray to or bash gays in the name of.

(And when are you organizing another TO bloggers bar night, CC?)

Red Tory said...

Check out the ugliest site in the world (or at least in the running):

It's one of her "advertisers". Yikes!

Ti-Guy said...

Check out the ugliest site in the world

Wow. It accuses several recent Popes of heresy and condemns everything post-Vatican II as apostasy.

Where are these crazy Catholics? I never meet them...and I'm fuckin' devout.

Red Tory said...

New York, apparently.

J-Dog said...

Ha! Right on dude! i came here thanks to a link on The Mindless Hack's blog. Guess I'll have to read you all the time now that I see that we share an opinion about her "writing style". (Where writing style = 6th grade remedial English.)

The key I believe, is not too read too mauch, all at the same time, unless in full HazMat Suit mode.

As Denyse would write:
" As I said that, I think, none the less, except for you know?"

Mister DNA said...


Denyse is plugging your blog over at Uncommon Descent.