Friday, January 25, 2008

Canada's Afghan detainees: The plot thickens.

Uh oh ... apparently, the Stephen Harper Party of Canada is having trouble keeping its lies in order. First, there's this (emphasis added):

Forces kept Ottawa in the dark on halting detainee transfers

Military commanders acted alone in reversing controversial practice, Prime Minister's Office says

From Friday's Globe and Mail
January 25, 2008 at 1:30 AM EST

OTTAWA — The military did not tell the government that it suspended the transfer of prisoners taken by Canadian troops to Afghan authorities in November, the Prime Minister's Office says...

A spokeswoman for Mr. Harper said Thursday that the Canadian Forces acted alone...

When asked whether it was true that the military did not tell the government that the transfer of prisoners had been suspended, Ms. Buckler replied: “Yes. This is an operational matter and is the responsibility of the Canadian Forces. The military exercises discretion concerning the transfer policy and agreement.”

But, wait ... what's this? (again, emphasis added)

Detainee decision kept quiet over fears for troops
Mike Blanchfield, The Ottawa Citizen
Published: Friday, January 25, 2008

The government agonized for weeks over whether to tell Canadians that it had halted the transfer of Afghan detainees because it feared the Taliban might somehow use that against the military, the Federal Court was told yesterday.

Oh, dear. They didn't know. Whoops, yes, they did. Dontcha just hate it when that happens?

BONUS TRACK: What the f...?

UH OH ... that's gonna leave a mark:

PM's spokeswoman backtracks on detainees

Globe and Mail Update
January 25, 2008 at 2:05 PM EST

OTTAWA — The Prime Minister's communications director is retracting her statement that the military did not inform the government that it had suspended the transfer of prisoners to Afghan custody in November.

In an e-mail to The Globe and Mail on Thursday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper's communications director, Sandra Buckler, said the military did not tell the government about the suspension.

Ms. Buckler called Friday to say she “misspoke” but would not say whether the military had or had not informed the government.

“I should not have said what I said to you, I misspoke, and I wanted to make sure you were aware of that,” she said. “I made a mistake…what I said was wrong.”

Not good enough, bitch. And here's why.


JimBobby said...

It keeps on comin'.
Buckler's now sayin' she misspoke. They tried blamin' the troops but that wasn't workin' too well. Now, they can blame Buckler. Usually when someone shoots the messenger, it isn't their own messenger.

900ft Jesus said...

Bloody liars. Figures their first dodge the blame would be to lay it on the troops/military. Outside of DND it’s always a public servant who is targetted.

How the fuck does such a lying sack of shit as Stevo still hit the mid 30s in the polls?

Ti-Guy said...

She "mispoke?" Yeah right. The only skill that harridan has is communication.

"I was forced to lie...Harper held a knife to my throat!" would have been more truthful.

How the fuck does such a lying sack of shit as Stevo still hit the mid 30s in the polls?

That support is made up of all the people who are exposed to one version of "the truth" and never end up being exposed to the clarifications or retractions.

Guaranteed...months from now, some lil' Connie will quote (with source) Buckler claiming the Harpies were never told about the cessation of detainee transfer.

LuLu said...

Ooopsie ...

In response, Buckler claimed Thursday that the military had not informed the government.

Sources at the Defence Department said military commanders were livid at the assertion and insisted the government was informed "promptly" after the transfers were halted.

"I can't give you dates and times right now, but it was soon after," said a source with knowledge of the briefings.

"There have been a lot of heated discussions around this place over the last 24 hours."

Niles said...

Well, if Harper's speechifying to the faithful today is any indication, he's only interested in electioneering 24/7 anyway and he thinks the time is coming soon.

His script was completely back-looking and fulfilled all the accusations of how stereotypically neocon he's behaved. When he spoke in French, it was only a repeat of his English declarations (which got pretty irritating hearing it twice; once through a translator and once through him, but it did hit a classic component of inspirational speaking 'repeat ad nauseum to the audience') He liberally (err...conservatively...?, that doesn't work either...) peppered it with 'Canada's not going back to ...(fill in talking point) and 'oh, if only someone would rid me of this bothersome corrupt Opposition, our policies would work. *really*'.

I don't see HOW Harper could fit in anything about detainees. where would it fit into his surety about how "independent" and "secure" we are because of his renewal of our military on the world stage.

Don Newman's afterword had him repeating that the PM spoke for 40 minutes and his tone every time was '...and that's 40 minutes I'll never get back'. I could be projecting, since I was gob-smacked within two minutes at the attack/natist angle of the script. He even brought in Robert Service to invoke the "hearty" spirit and "simple faith" of the average manly Canadian.

I can't get the phrase 'who you gonna believe, me or yer lyin' eyes?'out of my head now.

JimBobby said...

... and thickens.

On Dec 19, the general in charge testified to dire consequences that would result IF we stopped the transfers.

I've got more over to my little boog.