Saturday, April 10, 2010

You are not going to believe this.

As of 11:14 AM, Sat, Apr 10:

How is that even physically possible?

P.S. And, yes, that's Sandy Crux, being as dumb as a sack of manure. As usual:

Jesus Christ, but that woman is retarded.

OH, AND SHE'S A PATHETIC, WHINY, CENSORING DOUCHEBAG, TOO: If you examine the screenshot above carefully, you'll see that there were two comments. I remember them -- both of them took Sandy to task for one reason or another.

Those comments are now gone, replaced by a single comment from one "Fay," whose job appears to be to stroke Sandy's brow and soothe her worried countenance.

Canada's Blogging Tories have some nerve bitching about how other people run their comments sections.


sooey said...

The Right is incredibly whiny these days. Everything is somebody else's fault, poor us on the Right with our failure to evolve, Feminists have an unfair advantage over Neanderthals, why must the earth be round instead of flat like God intended, yaddayaddablahblah.

Alison said...

So I guess a search for [Hells Angels]+[Conservative cabinet ministers] would be redundant then.

CK said...

She erased my comment! Mine and the other one, by someone who calls themself Cadman Bribe.

I asked some very good questions of Sandra Dee and I think I was as polite as I could be: I even called her Sandy instead of Sandra Dee. I expected her to pretty much not answer my questions, but I didn't think she'd erase the questions.

Cadman bribe had something interesting to say too and he/she was polite; but they got erased too...

Moon Rattled said...

She probably erased me too. I was surprised she even posted my comments, but I guess she felt she couldn't take me to task - and tell me to "go away" if I didn't agree with her about everything - without providing her loyal sheep with some context.