Friday, April 09, 2010


OK, now it's time for a re-calibration.


liberal supporter said...

Comment at neo's:

Always fun to watch you defend the indefensible, Jim.

Maybe you'll get to meet Helena and Rahim soon. Surely they'll be in rehab before long, their behaviour has all the earmarks of people out of control before they finally go in. Jonesing at the airport, freaking over minor problems, financial chicanery, and massive denial of anything wrong.

They just might pick the same facility you are in.


sooey said...

There hasn't been any real accountability for that stimulus money. My guess is that the government is in up to its eyeballs in sleazy deals with local yokels from coast to coast to coast.

double nickel said...

Ya think?

Moon Rattled said...

Off topic, but this is hilarious.

Commenter on a Vanity Fair article about Guergis:

Maybe the RCMP is investigating Guergis’ alleged death threats during her beauty pageant days:

"I've had death threats against me - I went through three and a half years of hell with Helena Guergis and I will not put my family or myself through that again. I lost a child, and now I can't have children, and I will never forgive Helena for that." - Sylvia Stark, Miss Canada International