Thursday, April 01, 2010

More kittehs!

Very soon, there will be a passel of new kittehs available here in K-W. A neighbour had two females that, in a spectacular display of timing, managed to get pregnant two weeks apart and, just last night, I personally saw all 10 kittehs in their large cardboard box.

What's weird is that the two mothers get along and actually share joint custody of the whole brood -- whoever's in the mood will allow any of the kittehs to feed while the other takes a break. Weird.

In any event, shortly after I saw the pack, said neighbour whisked the whole bunch off to the K-W Humane Society. The older ones are only three weeks old so it will be a couple weeks at least before adoption is a possibility but if you have the time and want to pop over there, I'm pretty sure they'll be easy to locate.


Sfs said...

Wow. I don't usually comment here, and I generally try to stay positive, but that's some neighbour you got. Sending 3 week and 1 week-old kittens to the Humane Society? Maybe they should get their cats spayed or, preferably, get their cats taken away from them, since they're obviously not interested in being responsible for their well being.

CC said...

Yeah, he could have handled that better, but his work contract up here just ended that day and he was literally packing his car to move back to the U.S. later that evening so dropping off the whole passel of them at once was, realistically, his only viable option.

Of course, it should never have come to that.