Friday, April 02, 2010

How ... odd.


This started with 16 professors who have protested an initiative in which some 70 universities across Canada have agreed to sponsor children of Canadian soldiers killed in action in Afghanistan by covering their tuition at no cost. These 16 profs have stated in no uncertain terms that the Canadian military is involved in an "imperialist" action, are invaders, and therefore it would be improper for universities to support the soldiers.

Adler, great Canadian patriot that he is, ain't having any of that shite!

Scares the hell out of me that unbelievably ignorant and naive asses like these, and the one that confronted Adler on his broadcast, actually get to teach our kids.

God help us.

So, if I read this correctly, the same people who have, for years, been screeching and howling about how some people shouldn't have "special rights" are now screeching and howling that some people should have, well, special rights.

Did I get that about right?


Anonymous said...

I wonder how these people's heads do not explode from the disconnect with reality and their own contradictory statements.... I can only think that they are terminally stupid and/or insane....

Here we have Hinchey:
I think that if someone is risking their life day in and day out as a defender of our sovereign nation their kids should absolutely be blessed with access to a good education. It's not because of who they are, it's because of what their parent(s) have done, or are currently doing.

Hell, Canada offers free educations to other people, simply based on skin colour.

So special privileges for the Warrior class?

And what exactly are the little boy soldiers and women defending us from? I don't think that Canada is high on the list of Taliban targets.

I'd like to know who he thinks is getting free education based on skin colour...

I wonder what happened to the Adler book club?

double nickel said... know....the Injuns

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but the blithering idiots should at least be able to articulate their xenophobia instead of using innuendo...