Friday, April 09, 2010


Oh, fuck me:

Leave it to a Conservative to be utterly unfamiliar with the concept of a "principle."

OOOOOOH, NICE CATCH: Alison observes that Rahim is still pimping himself out as one of the Party faithful:

I'm thinking that someone who's actually a member of the Party might want to have a chat with Rahim about that.

POPCORN! Oh, my. Oh, please.

AH, GLOBE AND MAIL, you so amuse me:

Rahim Jaffer removes party logo from website amid influence allegations

Rahim Jaffer, the former Conservative MP who had a recent and highly publicized run-in with the law, removed the Conservative logo from his website on Thursday after allegations that he had promised to obtain government funds for associates with questionable backgrounds.

Um, no. Anything else I can help you with while I'm here?


Alison said...

"Those are my principles. If you don't like them, I have others"

And I'm still seeing the Con logo up there in the URL

Anonymous said...

In other news, Muslims are bad

So says cherry-picking Adrian....

Conservatives and their supporters are terminally stupid....

Southern Quebec said...

It gets more betterer!!!! Former MP Rahim is using one of Helena's taxpayer-funded Blackberrys and when he sends e-mail from it they end in "". Sandy Crux should be all over this!!

Is is possible for a group a people to be soooo stupid?

Nullig said...

Should read:
"As one of the unprincipled principals,.."