Thursday, April 08, 2010

Document the dumbassitude.

Oh, man, I am going to dine off that one post for days. Just how much brown-nosing, suck up, wanky douchebagitude can you cram into a single comment:

What exactly is Ms. Guergis guilty of? Let’s review:
(details from the ANONYMOUS letter written by the airport worker, sent to Liberal MP Wayne Easter and to the media, available here: )
• She was late for her flight out of the Charlottetown airport.
• Either she or her aide informed the airline she was running late.
• The airline was informed the late passengers were “V.I.P.”
• If I read the letter correctly, Ms. Guergis and her aide arrived at the Air Canada counter at 17:20, five minutes before flight time (17:25).
You’d think that the airline employees, knowing the two were late, and knowing they were V.I.P., probably even knowing that it was a federal cabinet minister, would have expedited matters. Instead, they still insisted on the usual procedures, inconveniencing not only the two late arrivals but also the 30 other passengers who had already boarded. Did they expect to find a bomb on the two ladies?
• An altercation ensued, with the two ladies apparently being “difficult and rude”.
• At 17:25, scheduled flight time, the two ladies were in the pre-board area being screened.
The airport staff, instead of expediting the screening procedure, insisted on following regulations to the letter, probably to teach the lady a lesson.
• Ms. Guergis was asked to remove her boots. She did so, slamming them into the bin provided, NOT hurling or throwing them as was depicted in journalists’ reports.
• Ms. Guergis then said “Happy F****** to me! I guess i’m stuck in this hell hole!”
The press described her dropping the F-bomb as the minister having launched into an obscenity-laced tantrum. And everyone assumes the “hell hole” she referred to was the entire island of PEI, whereas she could have been referring to the airport, which most travelers nowadays might describe as she did.
• Once the incident became public knowledge, she did the right thing: she acknowledged her errors, she wrote an apology to the airport personnel, she stood up in the House and apologized there as well, and that should have been the end of it.

But the witch hunt continues.

I ask you -- is there anything in that screed that isn't hopeless bullshit?


thwap said...

If she had "errors" to "acknowledge" then what's that dipshit's fucking point?

They never apologize for anything, not Guergis's arrogance and stupidity, not 9 years of murderous failure in Afghanistan.

They don't even admit when they're wrong unless you've got them up against a wall. Then they back-track as soon as they think nobody is looking.

Rev.Paperboy said...

Every word of it is bullshit, including "and" and "the"

Anonymous said...

I was going to FISK it but I don't have the next 4-5 hours to waste on that drivel.

Conservatives is the really the party of children.

Moon Rattled said...

A Martian could read that, not knowing Guergis from a hole in the ground, and his impression of her would deteriorate with each subsequent bullet point.


Here's a clue, commenter. Guergis is a public servant, not the Queen of England.

Moon Rattled said...

Jesus Murphy, Sandy Cox has a Ph.D in Education?!

I just love this. From Sandy's old blog "Crux of the Matter"

It is buyer beware with private career colleges. Here is an article on that topic. Choose carefully, preferably one that is government regulated and licensed.

...and she worked for the Harris government!

Metro said...

I notice that nowhere in that pile o' crap is it explained that had anyone but a cabinet minister done this, they would have wound up the-hell in jail.

You'd think that deserved some mention, somewhere.