Thursday, April 01, 2010

"But ... but ... but ... the Liberulz!!!"

Blogging Tory (and Ann Coulter wannabe) "Rightchik" knows whose fault this is:

Mr. Harper - will you now please act like a PM with an MA in Economics?

I knew this. You knew this. And Prime Minister Harper sure as hell knew this. You do not spend your way out of a recession by creating a ungodly large deficit. And now the venerable Financial Post confirms what we all knew all along.

Fuckin' A! So whose asinine, idiotic idea was that, anyway? Oh ...

But Mr. Harper caved to the opposition who threatened to topple this Conservative government. Political survival, I get that. I even empathize with what he did, I just wish he didn't cave, I mean compromise, to such a huge extent!

So, if memory serves, the people who have -- for month after month after month -- mocked Michael Ignatieff for being a weak, feeble, vacuous, powerless yob with no influence whatsoever and who can't even control the members of his own party ... are simultaneously accusing Michael Ignatieff of being a ruthless, scheming, manipulative, unprincipled monster who's bent Stephen Harper over a table and had his way with him, economically speaking.

Is that what I'm reading? Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's what I'm reading.

P.S. Uh, Rightchik? That whole boots thing? LuLu was down with that first. I'm just sayin'.


M@ said...

I don't remember the opposition forcing Harper to create a structural deficit by increasing government spending and cutting taxes (particularly corporate taxes).

Ti-Guy said...

I'm content to munch on dried pea snacks (don't like popcorn) while watching both factions of the Right crap at each other over this. Besides, I don't know why Rightchik's got her leather teddy in a knot over this. Whatever the problem, it's always the fault of the liberals and the lefties anyway, right?

Buddie Dharma said...

The fuck-me shoes are fine - kinda nice, actually - but the fat thighs worry me a little. Together, they scream TRAILER TRASH!!!!!