Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Your daily Blogging Tory dumbassitude.

Blogging Tory "General Brock" wants to alert you to some disturbing new developments:

Obama’s government classifies pro-lifers, veterans and immigration critics as terrorists

Really, GB? All of them? Every single one? Without exception? Let's continue, where we let GB hang himself by his own nads:

An amendment moving through Congress will allow the Attorney General to use their discretion in classifying individuals as terrorists. This will allow the government to have much broader powers in who it declares a terrorist. Particularly disturbing is that a recently declassified Homeland Security document singles out so called ‘right wing extremists’ as potential terrorists.

Hmmmmm ... that's not quite as spectacularly emotional as the title would suggest, the suggestion that the aforementioned amendment would allow for terrorist classification. Methinks GB is embellishing his pearl clutching ever so slightly. But let's get to where GB starts quoting from the document in question (all emphasis tail-waggingly added):

“The possible passage of new restrictions on firearms and the return of military veterans facing significant challenges reintegrating into their communities could lead to the potential emergence of terrorist groups or lone wolf extremists capable of carrying out violent attacks.”

“It may include groups and individuals that are dedicated to a single issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration.”

Wow, GB ... that's some kind of wide-sweeping generalization, followed up by some incredibly careful speculative qualification and specific theorizing. And it's not like any of that sort of shit is even remotely possibly, is it, GB?

Finally, I will refrain from pointing out that this issue is almost three months old, which only proves that, yes, the Blogging Tories really do think as slowly as you suspected.

BY THE WAY, there's a fascinating right-wing cognitive dissonance happening here. Conservatives typically have no problem whatsoever with extra scrutiny of those swarthy, turbaned folks since, let's face it, it's the radical Muslims that are the dangerous ones and what in God's name is wrong with paying more attention to the more dangerous demographics?!?! What indeed?

These are, of course, the same wanks who promptly howl with outrage when someone in authority suggests that, if you're going to concentrate your limited anti-terrorist law enforcement officials, you might as well focus them on those folks who are the ones committing the actual crimes. You know -- the whackjob Right. That, however, is apparently totally unfair political profiling because ... well ... oh, just shut up, OK?


M@ said...

So I guess it's about as accurate to headline his piece "Obama's government classifies garbagemen, sous chefs, the chronically unemployed as terrorists". As long as you leave off the teensy qualification that they must also be terrorists to be considered terrorists.

Mike said...

Unlike his predecessor who could classify ANYONE as a "unlawful combatant" and toss them into Gitmo. Technically I think Obama can do the same thing, but clearly GB is really being an idiot...