Monday, July 06, 2009

You CANNOT make this stuff up.

Blogging Tory "Chucker Canuck" thinks accusing entire political parties of defending pedophilia is just wicked funny. The screaming hilarity is at the end of that first comment, when Chucker's sense of humour inspires him to ask:

Labels: How hard does the Man-Boy Love Association Lobby the Bloc Quebecois?

Wow, Chucker ... given the NAMBLA-related douchebaggery in the Canadian bloggysphere over the last year or two, are you sure that's a joke you want to make? I'm just asking.

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Southern Quebec said...

Chucker is just parroting the talking points from the CPOC -- ie "Your Bloq Deputy is against the protection of children". It said so on the mailer I got, so it must be true!