Saturday, July 04, 2009

Who is "Soccermom," and why is she so stunningly ignorant?

The burnt-and-mangled-bodies train wreck that you just can't look away from:

Soccermom said:
July 4th, 2009 at 12:21 pm

“You think the MSM didn’t do that to everyone else involved?”

Come on, the Big Zero got a free pass from everyone except Fox News.

Remember “thrill up my leg” Chris Matthews? Only one fine example of the left’s love affair with Zero.

Yeah, Chris Matthews' humpy love affair with Barack Obama ... it's not like he'd do that with anyone else, right? Oh ...

The Many Man-Crushes of Chris Matthews

... Going back to 9/11, Matthews found himself blown away not by Bush's political or military response but by his ability to throw a baseball. He compared the man to--I kid you not--Ernest Hemingway. "There are some things you can't fake," he explained breathlessly. "Either you can throw a strike from sixty feet or you can't. Either you can rise to the occasion on the mound at Yankee Stadium with 56,000 people watching or you can't. On Tuesday night, George W. Bush hit the strike zone in the House that Ruth Built.... This is about knowing what to do at the moment you have to do it--and then doing it. It's about that 'grace under pressure' that Hemingway gave as his very definition of courage."

And remember that now-infamous Mission Accomplished moment? True, Matthews did not join his guest G. Gordon Liddy in admiring--still not kidding--the President's pretend penis, but he was no less focused on Bush's fashion statements. "He looks great in a military uniform. He looks great in that cowboy costume he wears when he goes West," he cooed. "We're proud of our President. Americans love having a guy as President, a guy who has a little swagger, who's physical, who's not a complicated guy like Clinton.... Women like a guy who's President. Check it out."

The level of stupid over there right now is just awesome.


Ti-Guy said...

Per Soccermom:

And yes, when the left starts picking on Down Syndrome children, that is freakish. The Freakish Left. Sounds perfect to me.

As the mother of a DS child, I have the right to say that.

I have never seen a woman enjoy her child's affliction so much.

/Ann Coulter.

Narcissistic personality disorder. It's epidemic these days among conservative women. And lest anyone think I'm being sexist, the problem with conservative men is the same problem most men have always had. They're dumb.

Kelseigh said...

"right now"?

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