Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wafergate! Canada's Littlest Racist mouths off.

Devout Catholic and shrieking, hate-filled bigot Kathy Shaidle gets all preachy about crackers:

I too have to object to the use of the word "cracker".

Mercifully, no one gives a fuck about what Kathy thinks, but it doesn't stop her from continuing to spew:

Unlike Protestants, Catholics believe that the communion Host is the actual Body of Christ. We're touchy about people pocketing the Host because believe it or not, there are weird people into Santeria and stuff who use them in pagan rituals.

Also, er, it's Jesus.

No, Kathy ... it's a cracker. But here's a suggestion.

If you actually want sane people to take your idiotic ritual seriously, why not have the "wafer" magically appear out of the air each time? That would be wicked cool -- the sudden appearance of the mystical biscuit in the fingers of the priest just before he places it in someone's mouth. It might even convince me to give this Catholicism thing a try.

But if wafers come, not out of thin air, but out of mixing flour and water, then baking at 350F for 20 minutes, then they're not magical representations of the body of Jesus Christ, ready to be transmogrified into His actual flesh. They're crackers.

Deal with it.

NOW THIS IS CURIOUS: What's up with gluten-free communion wafers?

For eight years, Robert Snow crossed himself as he approached his priest during communion instead of receiving the wafer he desperately wanted.

Snow, of Deerfield Beach, was diagnosed in 2001 with celiac disease, which prevents him from eating foods containing gluten, including communion wafers.

But Snow's church, St. Gregory's Episcopal in Boca Raton, recently began offering wheat-free communion wafers for people who cannot digest grains. And Snow says he finally feels part of the Mass.

So parishioners now have a choice of regular or gluten-free transubstantiation. How thoughtful of Jesus.


syncrodox said...


So your saying if Chris Angel performed the feat...yer Catholic?

That could splain alot.


Alison said...

Never mind that - who is living in Wheat Thins and Saltines and why haven't we heard from Them?

Balbulican said...

Isn't there something touching about a blogger who acknowledges inflaming hatred for a living suddenly gettin' all pious?

Southern Quebec said...

Those 'crackers' are soooo sacred here in Quebec, that you can buy a bag of them at the depanneur! Right next to the Labatt's and the condoms. :)

Lindsay Stewart said...

In the name of the father, the son and the holy Triscuit...

Renee said...

"Mystical biscuit" made me snort coffee out my nose.


the rev. paperboy said...

So if it sooooooo sacred to Catholics like 5 Feet of Raging Sociopath, if its really is Jesus - why aren't they outraged that Steverino either pocketed it or possibly worse, took holy communion without having attended confession or even having been baptized as a Catholic? Worse yet, is Steverino from one of those uppity Protestant churches that don't belive the Pope is God's official spokesman? Isn't that a no-no? Don't you have to be confirmed as a member of the Catholic Church to take communion or can I just stop by the next time I get a hankering for bread and wine on a Sunday morning?

deBeauxOs said...

Did you catch the progressive blogger who nominated Alex W for the "Kathy Shaidle Humanitarian Award".

So fitting.

Metro said...

So, if it turns into the body of Christ not just in some mystical sense, but reallio-trulio, then why is gluten even an issue? By the time it touches your lips it's mystic meat, not bread at all, right?

Nullig said...

Back in catholic school we used to call them Corpus Crispies.

CC said...

Um ... Metro? That was kind of the obvious inconsistency I was getting at.

KEvron said...

obleas con cajeta, anyone? damned sacreligious mexicans....


Ti-Guy said...

I love how this fornicator (she's not married in the Catholic Church and her husband is still married to his ex in the eyes of our Lord) claims to speak for all Catholics.

No, Shaidle, you slattern. *We* don't object to the term "cracker." Most of us don't even buy into that hoodoo known as transubstantiation to begin with.

Malcolm+ said...

I hate to break it to you, but there are actually lots of progressives who are religious believers. I'd happily stack my progressive bonafides up against yours any day of the week.

The vicious tone of your post (and many of the comments) is offensive and to no particular purpose that I can see. Do you actually think that being deliberately rude and insulting is somehow advancing the progressive cause.

When NDP MPs Joe Comartin and Charlie Angus were denied communion by the Roman Catholic Church because of their support for equal marriage, did you feel the same need to insult them? The fact that they were denied this "cracker" was rather significant to them. I guess, by your ignorant standards, they must be idiots and morons.

You have the right to be as bloody-minded and obnoxious as you like. If you think you're helping the progressive cause, you're mistaken. Your particular bigotry is not shared by all progressives, nor even by a majority.

There was a time when the left did much better among religious beleivers. Bigotted screeds like yours only help the right to convince religious folk that there is no place for them on the left.

Ti-Guy said...

You're over-reacting. Offer it up.

...Do Anglicans do that?

This particular "Catholic" is a religious hypocrite (and a terrible Christian). She's getting the scorn she's invited.

The atheists here are, of course, contemptuous of all people of faith, but who cares? That's certainly nothing new.

KEvron said...

"If you think you're helping the progressive cause, you're mistaken."

causes like keeping abortion accessable and ssm? go peddle your crackers somewhere else, mal.


KEvron said...

"The atheists here are, of course, contemptuous of all people of faith"



Ti-Guy said...


Well, those who are doing it right are anyway. ;)

James Bow said...

> But Snow's church, St. Gregory's **Episcopal**

Point of order: Episcopal = Anglican.

Anglicans don't believe in transubstantiation.

Malcolm+ said...

KEvron, your mind may be too small to grasp it, but there are thousands of people of faith who have consistently stood up for legally accessible abortion and for equal marriage. Now perhaps you could explain how viscious insults to such people helps to build up the progressive cause.

By definition, hatemongers are not progressive.

James, Anglicans do (in general) do believe in the Real Presence. Transubstantiation is Rome`s particular definition about the manner and process of the Real Presence. In general, Anglicans do not seek to define the manner or process. Nonetheless, for Anglicans (and Lutherans), the communion elements do not merely represent Christ's Body and Blood, but ARE Christ's Body and Blood.

KEvron said...

"there are thousands of people of faith who have consistently stood up for legally accessible abortion and for equal marriage."

and millions more of them who do not, nor do their church leaders. like, say.... the pope! i understand he's catholic.

"Now perhaps you could explain how viscious insults to such people helps to build up the progressive cause."

which "vicious attack" would that be, concern troll?

lying for jesus. you really are crackers.


Luna said...

Ahh yes, gluten-y Jesus. For some reason I am at a loss to explain, the Catholic church will absolutely not allow gluten-free communion wafers. This isn't a concern to me as a non-Catholic, but I do have Celiac Disease, so it's on my radar.

The Catholic Church seems to believe the communion absolutely needs gluten. They have low gluten wafers, but not gluten free. They warn potential priests that they should not join if they aren't willing to poison themselves with gluten at least once per week. It's utterly ludicrous. Almost as ludicrous as believing that the host magically transforms into the body of Christ.

Malcolm+ said...

Canadian Cynic, I am very disappointed to see that your site tolerates this sort of religious bigotry.

Several of the comments on here are nothing more than hate speech.

KEvron said...

don't waste your time, crackers; no matter how hard you try, there's no way for you to drive in that last nail.

maybe someone down at the chrc is handy with a hammer....


CC said...

Oh, crap ... who let the concern troll in?

Malcolm+ said...

I'll happily put my progressive bonafides up against either of you.

Tell me, is anti-Semitism now acceptable because some Jews are right wing?

Is gaybashing now acceptable because of the Log Cabin Republicans?

Perhaps a little bit of lynching because one of the architects of Bush foreign policy was black?

That would seem to be the logical conclusion.

KEvron said...

"I'll happily put my progressive bonafides up against either of you."

i'll show you mine if you'll show me yours.

"Tell me, is anti-Semitism now acceptable because some Jews are right wing?"

abso-fucking-lutely. you didn't get the memo?

"Is gaybashing now acceptable because of the Log Cabin Republicans?"

did it ever go out of fashion?!

"Perhaps a little bit of lynching because one of the architects of Bush foreign policy was black?"

i'll bring the rope.

"That would seem to be the logical conclusion."

of course, it would be.

i could do this all day....


Malcolm+ said...

Bigotry does seem to be your principle passtime alright.

KEvron said...

beats spamming with promises of 1337ness, crackers.


Malcolm+ said...

Calling phony progressives on the4ir bigotry is more of a hobby.

KEvron said...

no, it isn't.


Malcolm+ said...

Defending your bigotry seems to take up an awful lot of your time.

CC said...

And hanging out where everyone else thinks you're a sanctimonious prat seems to take up quite a lot of yours. I'm just sayin'.

By the way, Malcolm+, you're getting vacuous and boring. Either pick it up or bugger off. Seriously. The only sin around here is to be dull and content-free. And you crossed that border quite some time back.

Malcolm+ said...

You prefer never to be challenged then?

KEvron said...

"You prefer never to be challenged then?"

lol! says the concern troll who enabled comment moderation on his blog!

good lord. are everyone of you lying hypocrites?!