Monday, July 06, 2009

OHMIGOD, think of the children!

The Post's Jonathan Kay learns a harsh lesson about angering the mouth-breathing masses. Curiously, all of the shrieking wanks who are so terribly, terribly concerned about the "attacks" on Sawah's precious kiddies never really gave a crap when batshit crazy Michelle Malkin and other right-wing crazies went full-metal stalker on 12-year-old Graeme Frost and his family. I always found that ... curious.

And for bonus insanity, Canadian loon Weiner Prattles pops by Jonathan's comments section to pimp his own burbling idiocy, which contains the priceless snippet:

It’s true that an uneducated conservative is still ten times better than an “educated” liberal ...

If that's the case, then perhaps Weiner still has hope for a political career. He can always dream.

BONUS WANKERY: Pointers to stuff like this is why I love my readers.

THE BEST COMMENT OF THE LOT: As someone pointed out earlier here, while the Dumbass-o-sphere is now howling for Jonathan Kay's head on a pike at the city gates for daring to criticize the Palin-messiah, Robert McClelland pops by and sums things up nicely:

I love it when the monsters turn on their creators.

Indeed. You've nourished the mouth-breathers all these years, Jonathan -- now you can deal with their howling bloodlust for your unforgivable heresy. Don't be surprised to see your personal information splashed all over the Intertoobz sometime soon, John, with someone suggesting that you have it coming. I hear that's happened before.


T said...
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Frank Frink said...

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CC said...

Go away, T. Shill your crappy political party somewhere else.

Ti-Guy said...

You've nourished the mouth-breathers all these years, Jonathan

Indeed. From reproducing libels about Richard Warman to larding the "Comment is Free" site with Canada Grade A wingnuttery, Jonathan Kay has a lot to answer for. And hiss foul mother, too.