Sunday, July 05, 2009

Dear brainless wanks: Generalize much?

Apparently, according to Stephen the Corpulent, if you don't support their minimum sentencing legislation, you must therefore condone pedophilia.

Using similar, massively wide-sweeping and irrational logic, because Canada's Conservatives didn't want to repatriate Abousfian Abdelrazik, they all hate black people. Fucking bigots. I knew it.


Nitangae said...

Quite a bit worse than that, I think. THe Bloc etc., are not opposed to prosecuting people for human trafficking, nor do they deny that human trafficking is a crime; they have problems with some aspects, such as manditory sentences, which they rightly argue aren't very effective.

Hard to think of a comparison to the stupid Conservative attack. The right has had something of a monopoly on that type of argument recently. It is a bit like arguing that, because you vote against a bill which calls for a universal speed limit of 60 km an hour, that you support killing children who are crossing roads. Of course, you might have voted against it because you thought that it would be impossible to enforce, etc.

Nitangae said...

In this imaginary law, a universal maximum speed limit - so obviously there would be places with a lower speed limit.

Southern Quebec said...

I received a mailing from this disgusting Carton of Cretins. It shows a 4/5 year old girl and a empty swing. Basically says (roughly translated):
- Your BQ deputy voted against protection for children.
-Only the Bloq voted AGAINST!
- The Bloq prefers "les sentences bonbons!"
- The conservative government protects victims and works against criminals that attack children.
At the bottom there is a photo of Steve the Corpulent. Feh!

I was so disgusted when I received this piece of crap...

We voted 50% BQ in the last election - 20% for for the CRAP party.

JABbering Stooge said...

Who knew that NAMBLA Dick Evans had Stephen Harper's ear? What's next, Harper will set up a website with a similar URL to the official BQ website that redirects traffic to NAMBLA?

mikmik said...

Think Kim Campbell. These fuckers are unconciously self destructing. Last I read the PCs were losing about 2 points to the Liberels after the release of every ad.

Why spoil a good thing, old chaps? (Pun intended, old chaps yuk yuk perpetual chaps if you live in Alberta so nokay it isn't even close to funny chap: To split or become rough and sore

Steven Harper. The last word in anusoul

mikmik said...

Forgot the "wv" before anusoul

Guess Harper and Canadians are not mates.

You fucking wonder why I listen to this shit Soul Mates

Cameron Campbell said...

ChuckerCanuck is big on this.

It's so disappointing...

Why is it that no one gets this simple equation?

Attack ads = smart politics - good for our democracy = lüze