Sunday, July 05, 2009

The crippling, BT-flavoured stupid rolls on.

Over at Blogging Tory JoJo's, it's an absolute parade of the retarded, with "Alberta Girl" bringing the latest dumbth:

Now, stop right there. Let's not dig into this just yet. Let us first ask the obvious question -- does anyone seriously think that Barack Obama believes the U.S. has 57 states? Really, that seems to be the implication here: Oh, man, what an imbecile, thinks there are 57 states, blar har har, what a freakin' moron!

So ... those who think Barack Obama really is that ignorant, raise your hands. Come on, get 'em up there. Let's see who is publicly trying to take that position. And now, we can see what appears to have happened:

The actual intent behind Senator Obama’s misstatement is easy to discern without the need to invoke an obscure international organization. He was trying to express the thought that in all the time he had spent on the campaign trail so far in 2007-8, he had visited all (48) of the states in the continental U.S. save for one (i.e., “one left to go,” excluding Alaska and Hawaii), but in his weariness he slipped up and started off with ‘fifty’ instead of ‘forty.’ (Note the long pause in the video clip between the words ‘fifty’ and ‘seven.’)

Well, holy slip of the tongue, Batman! A tired Obama apparently simply misspoke, which seems far more likely than being one of the dumbest human beings on the planet. You know -- like Alberta Girl.

P.S. By the way, AG, you're full of crap when you suggest "none of that happened." Lots of folks had fun with that gaffe. But I'm guessing that, unlike you, they actually knew it was just a slip of the tongue, and weren't being dishonest wanks.

There's a reason I loathe those idiots.


Ti-Guy said...

Albertard Girl refuses to entertain the idea that most people have come to their own conclusions about Sarah Palin based on her own public statements (that rambling incoherent swang song being just the latest, which I forced myself to both watch to and read the transcript of), her own actions and her own record. She assumes that, to the contrary, it must all be an issue of media spin because that's how she herself forms her own opinions.

Among the Rightards I've come across, she ranks among the Rightardiest. Although, as usual, I reserve my strongest condemnation for the smarter wingnuts (such as they are) who refuse to correct her, like JoJo, and Sandy Crux.

Frank Frink said...

You mean Obama wasn't referring to the United States of Heinz?

Another popular misconception down the drain.

Ti-Guy said...

I'm almost feeling sorry for poor ol' melon-faced Jonathan Kay.


Best comment from Rob McClelland:

"I love it when the monsters turn on their creators."