Friday, July 03, 2009

And this is where we juxtapose.

There is Blogging Tory "Jabba the Roy" and his creepy and off-putting obsession with everything monarchial:

I am saddened that HM the Queen will not be opening the 2010 Olympic Winter games, but I am glad that HRH Prince Charles and HRH The Duchess of Cornwall will be visiting Canada in November. HM the Queen will be visiting Canada in 2010 but not in February.
God Save the Queen
God Bless the Prince of Wales and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

And there's Stephen the Corpulent's latest self-absorbed, narcissistic breach of protocol:

"In watching the events from Ottawa on Canada Day, I was astounded to note that our Prime Minister took the salute from the military. This breach of protocol on our national day of celebration is an insult to our head of state, the Queen. In Canada, only the head of state or her representative, the governor-general, are entitled this honour. Michaelle Jean did receive a secondary salute; that should have indeed been the only one."

One wonders if Jabba is going to go full metal colonial over this obvious dissing of the monarchy, or whether his moist and soppy man-crush on Stephen Harper will override his natural instincts. Or, perhaps, whether the cognitive dissonance will simply make his brain explode.

One can always dream, can't one?


Southern Quebec said...

He still has his "Blogs for Bush" logo up. Nostalgic?

Proud member of the Monarchist League...

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