Sunday, October 15, 2006

Who's your daddy?

Well, based on my deathless prose back here (and some positively shameless grovelling, but I prefer to think it was the prose thing), Liberal Oasis' Bill Scher has offered to extend the blogroll over there to add a "Canadian" category, and he's asked me to make some preliminary suggestions for membership.

That's right, start sucking up now. Go on ... kiss the ring, bee-yotch.

Seriously, though, I already have an idea of a handful of sites I'm going to send along, and I'm sure he'll add more on an ongoing basis. But, just for now, I'm interested in readers' thoughts as to Canadian leftie blogs that would be of more than a passing interest to American readers.

The lines are open, operators are standing by.


Paladiea said...

Umm I would say My Blahg, but everyone hates us *pout* well according the the right whingers they do...

Anonymous said...

Would recommend Dave over at The Galloping Beaver. Also, The Vanity Press is interesting -- An American in Canada. Just to show that we have our very own wingnuts, you could try SteveJanke...on second thought, maybe not.

Deanna said...

Idealistic Pragmatist - because she's awesome and a former American

Rational Reasons - for his insight on public health care and the war in Afghanistan

Accidental Deliberations - for his detailed analysis on Canadian politics and how our interactions with the US gov't affect Canadians (softwood lumber, Canadian Wheat Board, US subsidies, etc)

Nightingale said...

If I may be so bold:

and, of course,

Of course the decision is at your peerless, unimpeachable, unfailingly correct, and snarkerifically wise discretion.

Ti-Guy said...

How about Let Freedom Reign( Lil' Rickie Evans and his Superfriends would really benefit from a wider audience of readers who are much more practiced challenging...his particular brand of thinking.

Mike said...

While I will thank deanna for her endorsement, I will recommend Skippy at the Amazing Wonderdog, simply because he is a hell of a writer.

Olaf said...

Dymaxion's my vote... he loves international/US stuff, and has his shit together.

Wait, do I even get a vote?

Wayne said...

My vote is for liberal catnip, because she is fair, and lets people state their opinion. She also states her opinion very clearly.

Simon said...

My vote is for Adam Dumbfalafel - you know, the guy with the snazzy suit who has infiltrated the blogging tories, pretending to be a wanker à la Stephen Colbert.

His satirical blog illustrates perfectly the absurdity of right-wing ideology, and does it in a fun, almost whimsical manner.

To illustrate, I'm going to go over to his site right now and copy/paste his most recent post. I guarantee it will have you all in stitches, no matter the topic:

If it moves, tax it

I want to be intrigued and engaged by the Liberal leadership race, but it's proving to be quite difficult. Why is it that the fix to every problem for these guys seems to be a higher tax or more big government? Can we not talk about some innovative solutions for a change -- ones that don't always involve stealing people's money?

The late Daniel Patrick Moynihan once observed that in the U.S., the Democrats had become intellectually vacuous, while the Republicans had become "the party of ideas." His words may no longer ring true on his side of the border, but they do on ours.

# posted by Adam Daifallah : 11:55 AM

captroman said...


Have you seen this?

money quote: "Sir, three years ago before I joined the army, I never thought I'd say 'That damn marijuana'."

Dave said...

I would also recommend Cathie From Canada. (Along with all the others)

Scotian said...

Let's see, my suggestions in no particular order would be:

Galloping Beaver
Red Tory
Bound By Gravity (I know, not lefty, but a good example of a reasonably rational Conservative which these days is a rare bird indeed)
liberal catnip
Cathie from Canada
Far and Wide
The Amazing Wonderdog

The one I would not suggest is Saundrie, I write infrequently enough as it is, if I started showing up on an American blog I would really start feeling pressure to write more, like I am not long winded enough...:) Seriously though the ones I list above do represent a good crossection of Canadian progressive/leftie blogs IMHO. I certainly enjoy them all. I could have added more but then it would almost look like a laundry list. Those are the blogs I have found to be most consistent in good posts and good commentary on them to my way of looking at things.

the rev. said...

Galloping Beaver and Cowboys for Social Responsibility are both must reads along with POGGE and of course, CC.