Monday, October 30, 2006

All the moral support he can muster, by God.

Over at True North, 12th-grade high school student Jason is just plumb filled with admiration:

Major Sprague was injured but now he wants to go back and fight. He isn't complaining about his bed or his salary or how the nurses are treating him. He just wants to go back. There aren't many people like him these days.

Which is too bad, since every one of them that returns to the battlefield is one less reason for Jason to hump his sorry ass down to a recruiting centre.

Canada's conservatives: Supporting the troops by "discussing political and economic issues," as well as providing "a youth's perspective on current events, one that's not tainted by leftist teaching." I mean, more armoured-up Hummers and Kevlar vests would help, but that youth's perspective thing -- yeah, that's nice, too, I guess.

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